News:Mutsvangwa Claims Moyo Is A War Deserter And Traitor

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<vote /> War veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa says Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo is plotting a systematic removal of all war veterans from both government and ruling party structures.

Speaking to NewsDay, Mutsvangwa mentioned that Moyo was a war deserter who was bitter that Sithole was dethroned from the helm of Zanu-PF by the Mgagao Declaration,

Moyo openly gloats that he hijacked the landslide victory to pursue a purge of war veteran Vice-President Mujuru and now Emmerson Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and all the war hierarchy. Once a war deserter and traitor, always one. So petty and parochial, Moyo’s grudge stems from the Mgagao and how it dethroned Ndabaningi Sithole. Moyo recalls how he was so near to being a top Zanla general back in 1975, as a Ndau or Ndau-sponsored kingpin at Mgagao. He thinks Zanla is a clan mercenary band and not revolutionary army.

Recently new narrations of personalities in the Second Chimurenga have emerged with one George Rutanhire claiming Joice Mujuru was a lover of men who did not fight the war to liberate Zimbabwe. Read more of this story here.

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