News:Mutumwa Mawere Comments On Mugabe. Says He Is A Prisoner In State House

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<vote /> In an interview with South African news station Africa News Network 7 (ANN7) businessman Mutumwa Mawere commented on Robert Mugabe and referred to him as an ordinary man and a prisoner for the last 36 years. The interview included Acie Lumumba, Morelife Maputure, Lovemore Chikucha, Jealousy Mawarire and other representatives of civil and political groups.

When Mawere was asked why police dispersed protesters when they had a court order to proceed with the march,

I think when you look at Zimbabwe today, there are many people who may not actually understand what the problem is. You have a government that was elected and that is running its term. There are people who want to remove it and instead of waiting for the elections they would want to change the government through electoral reforms or through demonstrations, whatever it is. Some people have flags, some people are just frustrated.

He also went on to comment on Mugabe and mentioned that he is a prisoner who does not enjoy some of the privileges enjoyed by ordinary Zimbabweans,

Imagine even the title of this programme is "Anti-Mugabe". Mugabe is just one small guy in Zimbabwe. His head cannot contain the aspirations of 14 million people yet you talk about Mugabe as Mugabe is equal to Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a prisoner. He has been a prisoner for the last 36 years in State House. He is not capable of knowing whether it's raining in Masvingo or in Harare. He is just an ordinary human being that we are now glorifying coming on studio to talk about one man, demonstrating against one man. You are only talking about one individual and this individual does not have the freedom that we have to walk around and yet he is so poisonous that we spend our time, studio time, one hour devoting to one guy with just two ears and between that is just a small brain.

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