News:Police are being too lenient in crushing demos, says Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

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Speaking on today's planned demo, Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo who vowed that police would respond to the demo said that police have been too lenient in theirr response to crushing protests in the country. Chombo was addressing a press briefing attended by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi and Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi.

Zimbabwe Police has been brutally crushed protests in Harare in recent weeks.

in actual fact, they are being too lenient. We have a moral duty to protect citizens of this country and people that do business so that they are not disrupted by malcontents. There is no ‘peaceful demonstration’ that has been held so far, all violent,

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Today’s demonstration comes after police on Wednesday used brute force to crush an MDC-T youth protest march, culminating in an orgy of violence and looting in Harare’s central business district (CBD)

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