News:Prophet Makandiwa predicts more political unrest

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United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has predicted more political turmoil which could degenerate into a state of disorder that will require foreign intervention.

In a sermon that was streamed live on YouTube Makandiwa said,

"There will be a wave of demonstrations, they would stop, and start again and on the fourth time the situation will get out of hand and foreign peace-keepers will be called. Remember, my prophecy about bees flying to come to bite other bees that will be stinging the people."

Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya made a similar prediction last week, saying he foresaw a southern African country in flames.

During the sermon, Makandiwa also commented on Industry and Trade minister Mike Bimha's Statutory Instrument 64 which bans a host of goods.

Makandiwa, also warned President Robert Mugabe, to be wary of his Cabinet ministers saying some of them were secretly pushing Zimbabweans to revolt against him.

He said,

“We have a sad situation where there is no money and when you get some little money, the government is making sure there is nothing to buy. This is deliberate. It’s being planned by men who are close to the President. They are the ones planning the demonstrations"

Makandiwa's predictions come at a time when This Flag Movement coordinator Pastor Evan Mawarire has called on Zimbabweans to stay away on Wednesday and Thursday.

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