News:Tajamuka and Vendors blame Zanu-PF Youth for demo

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<vote /> Civic groups National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe and Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign have issued press statements distancing themselves from the demonstrations that took place today in Harare's CBD. They said that the demonstrations were carried out by Zanu-PF youth who wanted to tarnish the image of the movements. Earlier today the protests were attributed to vendors who were involved in running battles with Municipal police.

Tajamuka through their spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi wrote on their Facebook page and said that they only carry out peaceful demonstrations,

Tajamuka would like to inform members of the public that we did not organise any demonstration today. Tajamuka and other progressive social movements believe in peaceful and non violent protests. Any protests therefore that do not resemble that lawfulness and peacefulness are inherently not part of our agenda. Citizens believe that peaceful but resolute action is the only answer. Members of the public are strongly warned against falling prey to ZANU PF organised hoaxes which are designed to justify ZANU PF's heavy hand upon its own citizens.

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The National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe accused the police of preferential treatment saying that they do not disperse Zanu-PF youth the way they disperse other protestors.

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Today's demonstration coincidentally took place on the same day that the High Court is hearing the National Electoral Reform Agenda's demonstration ban challenge.

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