News:Zanu PF MP tries to beat up Chamisa in Parliament

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<vote /> Kuwadzana East Member of Parliament Nelson Chamisa came close to being assaulted by Zanu-PF MP John Holder following an altercation prompted by an alleged “you are illiterate’’ jibe made during Wednesday’s debate.

Holder charged at Chamisa following what Chamisa claimed could have been a misinterpreted statement. Chamisa explained that,

"“I stood on a point of order but the other MPs from Zanu PF said that the point of order I was raising we don’t know it, can you read it for us. So I said fine. That’s when someone raised a point of order saying I had said they are illiterate. So Holder stood up and said I should sit down and withdraw but I said ‘no I have no problem to read on behalf of those who cannot read’. But the speaker said I should withdraw and I said I have not said anything prohibited by Parliament. It’s not offence; it does not violate any rules of Parliament."

The commotion ensued as Holder charged at Chamisa before he was restrained by his colleagues.

Holder was last week accused by Glen Norah MP Webster Maondera of attending Parliament while drunk.

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