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<vote /> Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority will gradually phase out conventional diesel and introduce Diesel 50 to reduce carbon emissions and cater for modern vehicles.

D50 has lower sulphur content, with the chemical element occurring at 50 parts per million compared to standard grade diesel which has at least 500 parts per million. High sulphuric concentration often leads to formation of sulphates in a car’s exhaust stream and the atmosphere. Developed countries are already on D10, while some parts of Africa are catching on to D50.

Zera chief executive, Engineer Gloria Magombo said that,

"Zera is promoting the use of D50, which is compatible with emission-reducing devices, which are installed in the latest vehicle models. The emission-reducing devices such as diesel particulate filters greatly reduce toxic elements in exhaust emissions, thus leading to a cleaner environment"

Read full story on The Sunday Mail

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