News:Zinwa To Engage Debt Collectors To Recover $140 Million Debt

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<vote /> Zinwa's corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said the parastatal was adopting a number of measures to recover the money it was owed by farmers and other customers to speed up construction of its water facilities to improve service delivery.

Speaking during a recent media tour of properties in Chiredzi, including Tokwe Mukosi Dam and irrigation canals in Triangle, she said Zinwa was in the process of engaging debt collectors to help them recover the $140 million debt,

We are engaging various organisations which owe us outstanding payments, which include local authorities and farmers. We are also in the process of engaging debt collectors to assist us in clearing the debt.

She also said Zinwa was embracing the use of plastic money and also used also used EcoCash.

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