Nicholas Somerai

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Nicholas Somerai

Nicholas Somerai popularly known by the mononym Somerai is a Zimbabwean musician popularly known for the hit song Mudiwa Wangu. A January 2021 report by NewsDay said Somerai was based in South Africa.


Somerai was born and bred in Chivi, Masvingo.[1]


Nicholas Somerai is married to Precious.[2]


He released the song Mudiwa Wangu in 1995.

In February 2017 he released three songs. He released the track KuDiaspora, which is about Zimbabwean economic migrants in many countries who have been forced to live away from their loved ones and he said the song was a dedication to all in that predicament.

He also released the song titled Uri Ruva, which he dedicated to his wife Precious. Nicholas Somerai released the third song titled Kamoto Kamberevere which he said was born out of his love for the late Paul Matavire’s music.[3]

On December 11, 2020, Somerai released a song called Airtime Yangu (Nema Bundles). On the song, Somera features Nicholas Zakaria.[2]



  • Mudiwa Wangu (1995)
  • KuDiaspora (2017)
  • Uri Ruva (2017)
  • Kamoto Kamberevere (2017)
  • Airtime Yangu (Nema Bundles) (2020)


Snippet of collaboration single by Nicholas Somerai & Nicholas Zakaria - “Airtime” Yangu


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