Nicola Misi

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Nicola Misi
BornNicola Misi
  • Development Practitioner
  • Businesswoman
  • Consultant
Years active8 years
OrganizationWomen Power Trust /NK Misi Trust

Nicola Misi is a Zimbabwean Development practitioner, who is based in Kadoma Zimbabwe. Nicola is the Co-founder of Women Power Trust and a co-director of N.K Misi Trust,which has vast interests in the gold mining sector in Zimbabwe.


Nicola did her primary school at Gokomere primary school before proceeding to Thornhill High School. She then later enrolled at Kwekwe Polytechnic College for her tertiary education where she excelled and graduated with a National Certificate in purchasing and supply.


Nicola has 10 years’ experience of working in the mining sector. She was introduced to mining sector by her father who happened to own about 12 gold mines in the Midlands Province. In response to the gender inequities affecting the mining sector ,she co-founded Women Power Trust , a non-governmental organization created with the conscious aim of securing commitments from key stakeholders in the mining sector to address key gender concerns in the pursuit of gender equity and the full realization of egalitarian solidarity.

Being a staunch feminist Nicola wishes to use Women Power Trust, to fight the negative social impacts that mining brings to a community issue like child marriages ,sexual and gender based violence

Nicola's philosophy

At the launch of Women Power Trust ,Nicola said that

"I love the challenge of supporting women to grow and realize their full political ,economical and social worth ,from such a controversial industry. Its easy to talk about the development of people from a Non-governmental organization's perspective. But having people and institutions understand gold mining's contributions or impacts that is positive or negative on a community is a real challenge -a global challenge".