Noble Stylz

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Noble Stylz
Noble Stylz
Noble Stylz
BornPrince Butawo
18 October
  • Musician
  • Zim Hip Hop Artist
  • Songwriter
Known forBeing a Musician

Noble Stylz is the stage name of Zimbabwean Zim Hip Hop artist, rapper Prince Butawo.


Noble Stylz comes from Masvingo. He went to Kwekwe High School for his secondary education.

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Vakafa Vakazorora - Meister ft Noble Stylz and Blacperl

Noble Stylz ft BlacPerl, Trae Yung, Dobba Don, Mr Noxa, Snazzy, Jay Ma born free

Qounfuzed & Noble Stylz - Kusvika rinyure

ZIM HIP HOP Report hosted by Prometheus the one with Noble Stylz

ThisFlag Video

In March 2016, when President Robert Mugabe revealed that US $15 Billion had gone missing, Noble Stylz made a humour video asking where the money had went.

Noble Stylz's video asking where the $15 billion went

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