Nomvula Mhambi

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Nomvula Mhambi
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Known forMaking it to the Forbes Magazine under 30's List

Nomvula Mhambi is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and the founder of Disruptive Innovation. In 2018 made the Forbes’ Magazine 30 Under 30 List. [1]


Mhambi turned to entrepreneurship when her mother couldn’t afford to take her to university because of the economic and political downturn in Zimbabwe. She registered a catering and events management company at age 19. She was later invited to work on a concert that featured Akon and Sean Paul. It opened doors… Mhambi also runs a hair and nail lounge and is also into agriculture, growing button and oyster mushrooms, which she supplies to a majority of Zimbabwe’s supermarkets and restaurants producing over 1,000 punnets per week. She employs 25 full-time and 12 part-time staff.


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