Norman Mataruka

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Norman Mataruka

Norman Mataruka is the director is the Director of Banking Supervision at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. He was suspended by John Mangudya from the Rbz after being fingered in a money laundering scam by Acie Lumumba.

Mataruka also serves as Chairman at Aurex Holdings Limited.



Mataruka holds Bachelor of Business Studies Honours degree from the University of Zimbabwe; Masters of Business Administration from the University of Zimbabwe; and Masters of Science in Real Estate from University of Pretoria, RSA.


Mataruka has 22 years of banking experience including four years as Head of Risk with a regional investment bank. He involved in all facets of bank supervision including bank licensing, developing of guidelines, supervision and closures; and revision of the Banking Act. Mataruka is listed on the IMF roaster as a short-term expert in Banking Supervision and is an accredited consultant with MEFMI. He has worked with IMF and MEFMI affiliated countries in Eastern, Southern and West Africa in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, corporate restructuring and risk-based supervision of banks. He is also an associate of the Institute of Bankers Zimbabwe.