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==Music Videos==
==Music Videos==
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Oscar Pambuka
Oscar Pambuka
Oscar Pambuka
BornOscar Pambuka
  • Journalist
  • Entrepreneur
Spouse(s)Nyasha Pambuka

Oscar Pambuka is a Zimbabwean journalist, entrepreneur, Zimdancehall musician and since May 2019, a religious church founder.

In November 2018, following a trial on corruption charges, Pambuka along with co-accused, Psychology Maziwisa was convicted of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company of $12,500 in a PR deal. They were sentenced to 6 years and 5 months each in jail but would serve 2 years and 6 months each after the rest of the term was conditionally suspended.


Oscar Pambuka is married to fellow journalist Nyasha Makota and the couple have children-Aisha Nokutenda, a girl and a son Oscar Jnr Tawanda

Journalism Career

Pambuka trained for a Journalism and Communications qualification at Christian College of Southern Africa. He worked at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as a newscaster and senoir producer.


  • Oscar Pambuka owns Fruitful Communications together with Zanu-PF politician, Psychology Maziwisa. He founded Oscar Pambuka and Associates, a PR firm which he runs with his wife Nyasha Pambuka. The company was involved in controversy after power company Zesa and Energy Minister Samuel Undenge came under fire for engaging Fruitful Communications to do public relations for Zesa when the power utility has a full-fledged public relations department headed by Mr Fullard Gwasira.

Music Career

The television personality has also gone a step further by venturing in music.Oscar Pambuka has collaborated with several Zimdancehall artists on new release singles,a development which will catapult the veterans broadcast profile.Oscar collaborated with Kinnah aka Mr Mbare on songs Hukama and Ndaigara ndichishanda with Dj Fantan and with Dj Levels ,Oscar recorded Hapana Anotimisa.

Pambuka is inspired by Kinnah and has promised to launch an album in October 2017.All his songs are not gospel except for the duet with KInnah he however has mentioned he loves the genre,

When i listen to gospel music,i feel being lifted spiritually,dancehall music is neither satanic nor a violence movement.I believe it is also our duty as christians to redeem the lost-Jesus came for the sinners.

said the managing director of Oscar Pambuka Productions

Zimdancehall Awards founder Phineas Mushayi appointed Pambuka as the patron of the genre in 2013 and his term in office will expire end of 2017

"As a patron of Zimdancehall my role is to support artises ether morally of financially like what iam doing in sponsoring workshops for artistes-all in a bid to bring sanity and order in the growing industry."

"We are holding workshops in ghettos where we drill artistes to be profesional and desist from the habit of thriving on unorthodox means such as violence.The workshops are being sponsored by my company-Oscar Pambuka Associates.Our workshops attract stakeholders in showbiz particulary in Zimdancehall such as music promoters among others.

highlighted the 36 year old TV personality.

When he was interviwed Pambuka indicated that his motto reads:"Tsvaga mari nehupenyu,"which can be loosely translated to English to mean "work for money and life".Oscar admitted huntig for money is his daily hobby and that is why hw always goes for it whenever he has the opportunity



Pambuka who hails from Chipinge revelaled that since he joined PHD Ministries his life has never been the same.

I joined PHD Ministries some few years ago after i met Magaya at Joina City{Harare} and he introduced himself to me before inviting me to his church.Ever since i joined PHD Ministries everything in my life has turned to gold.he said

Pambuka had never committed himself in the business of attending churches before joining the PHD ministries save for the Roman Catholic services he often attended at All Souls Mission in Mutoko where he did his secondary education back then.

'The good thing is that i have always been a believer though i was not a church goer,'he said

Magaya PR

Oscar Pambuka ran the PR section of Walter Magaya founder ofPh.D. Ministries church. He was the official spokesperson and was linked to the publicity the church got from issues to do with raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda converting to the church and later announcing she was leaving the church. Pambuka then said Bev was trying to extort money from the church. [Read full article here].

Arrest and Conviction on Corruption Charges

In January 2018, Pambuka was arrested together with Psychology Maziwisa for their involvement with ZESA in a deal which saw ZESA losing tens of thousands of dollars for public relations work through their company Fruitful Communications. Psychology Maziwisa And Oscar Pambuka Arrested

In November 2018, the two were convicted by the courts and were sentenced to 6 years and 5 months each in jail. Effectively however they would serve 2 years, 6 months each after the rest of the term was conditionally suspended.

Music Videos


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