Overson Mugwisi
OrganizationZimababwe Defence Forces

Overson Mugwisi is a Colonel in the Zimbabwe National Army. He is also the Zimbabwe Defence Forces's spokesperson.[1]

Personal Details

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Service / Career

Colonel Overson Muwisi, Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), is the spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF).


Col. Mugwisi has been speaking to the press since 2011. When soldiers fought civilians in Mbare over an arguement. [2]

The promotion of Douglas Nyikayaramba in 2012. [3]

The role of the Military Police - enforcing discipline among soldiers and patroling in towns as duties required. During a police crackdown in Mbare, Harare of ET rank marshals and Chipangano gang members. Also 2012. [2]

And most recently, assuring the Zimbabwean nation that the ZNA will accept the outcome of the 30 July 2019 election and respect the Constitution, and that the military would accept the outcome of the election, and will respect the Constitution. He referred to Section 211(3) of the Constitution, which reads: “The defence forces must respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional and subordinate to civilian authority as established by this Constitution.” and Section 208(2) of the Constitution, which outlines the expected conduct of members of the security services, “Neither the security services nor any of their members may in the exercise of their functions act in a partisan manner, further their interests of any political party or cause, prejudice the lawful interests of any political party and that serving members of the security services must not be active members or office bearers of any political party or organisation,” [4]

Although it was also reported - Addressing journalists in the capital, Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) spokesperson, Colonel Overson Mugwisi also declined to declare that the military would recognise a presidential winner without liberation war credentials, saying he had no brief to tackle such issues. “The position of the ZDF is that we abide by the Constitution of the country and our conduct is going to be guided by the Constitution of the country,” he said. [5]


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