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PGI Group is a UK based group that invests for the long term in agribusinesses and renewable energy in the Southern African countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Companies produce: Tea, roses and macadamia nut kernels. Electricity is generated from hydro and solar electric power schemes and sold to the national grids of the region.

Location/ Contact

General Enquiries PGI Group Ltd
3rd Floor, 45 Ludgate Hill, London
Company Registered Number: 1338135

Eastern Highlands Plantations Ltd
Private Bag 1020, Hauna, Zimbabwe

Renewable Energy Division
Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd
21 Mold Crescent, Harare

Current structure


PGI develop both small hydro electric power run of river schemes and solar power schemes to deliver electricity into the southern African national grids. Our hydro electric business is centered on the Nyangani Massif in eastern Zimbabwe which has perennial rivers rising within it. Our schemes are all designed to:

  • Have a high head and low volume of water
  • Have a very low environmental impact as there is no water storage through the building of dams
  • Operate at about 40% of their maximum installed capacity
  • Connect directly into the national grid with the sole buyer of electricity being the grid operator.

The power generation plants in Zimbabwe are:

Nyamingura Nyamingura / Madengwe R Hydro Dec 2010 2.3MW
Duru Duru R Hydro Mar 2013 2.2MW
Pungwe A Nyamombe R Hydro Jan 2013 2.75MW
Pungwe B Pungwe R Hydro Feb 2015 15MW
Pungwe C Chiteme R Hydro Mar 2016 3.75MW
Hauna Power Ngarura R Hydro Jan 2017 2.3MW
Riverside Solar Mutoko Solar Jan 2018 2.5MW


Aside from agribusiness, PGI own several power generation companies in Zimbabwe. All plants are managed by Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd


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