PSMI Medical Clinic

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PSMI Medical Clinic

Shashi Hospital is a subsidiary of PSMI located in Bindura. It is a 22 bedded facility which caters for each and every person who walks through its doors requiring assistance.

The Departments


Open 24 hours. All the necessary admission forms are filled in before admission to hospital. A valid identity card must be produced if payment is to be done by a medical aid society. Cash paying patients shall be informed about the deposit.

Medical Ward

Caters for all medical conditions and specialists care is available were necessary.

Surgical Ward

It is a ward which admits both male and female patients above the age of 12. It admits general surgery patients.

Maternity Ward

It is comprised of a labour ward, delivery rooms antenatal, post natal units and a gynae-section.

Operating Theatres

There is an operating theatre which is fully equipped and is used by specialists mainly for general surgery and obstetrics.


This department is open 24hrs a day to attend to out patients.


For the convenience of the in hospital and walk-in patients, there is a pharmacy that is located within the Hospital premises to attend to all drug prescription requirements to all patients who seek treatment at the hospital. Imaging

Shashi Hospital has an imaging department resident at the Hospital to attend to all the diagnostic requirements of all patients who seek medical attention at the Hospital.


Cash paying patients are informed of a minimum deposit required before admission. They will routinely liaise with the accounts department. The Hospital also accepts any valid medical aid card.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 1000hours to 1100hours in the morning and 1630hours hours to 1800 hours in the evening. All wards are allowed flowers. Special visiting times are available for the very sick upon request. Husbands and postnatal mothers may stay up until 1900 hours.