Pamberi Trust

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Pmbaeri Trust Logo

Pamberi Trust is a Zimbabwean registered non-profit making organisation which was established in 2001.[1] It specialises in the promotion of local arts through financial assistance as well as creating platforms for artists to perform. It operates closely with the Harare based Book Cafe which is known for being the centre of activity for artists of different specialities such as poetry, music and theatre performances.


Pamberi Trust’s mission is to enable performing, literary and visual artists to fulfil their potential and have a mainstream role in the development of the nation. Cognisant of the economic potential of arts industries to generate income through artistic endeavour; and of the need to create free, diverse means of cultural expression.[2]

Pamberi Trust exists solely as an enabling facility, by which performing artists, fine artists and producers of literary culture, including the most marginalised, may develop and find the means to promote and perform their works, and participate in building the nation. [2]

Live Performance Venues

Pamberi Trust operates the Book Cafe which presents hundreds of live arts events every year in partnership with both top established and emerging artists of Zimbabwe. The lively arts programme includes music, poetry, comedy and theatre, complemented by weekly free film screenings, and monthly Literary, Artists' Voices, Gender and civil society discussions.


  1. To identify, promote and release new talent
  2. To provide training and development opportunities for performing and visual artists
  3. To operate venues of performing artists (poets, musicians, and theatre performers)
  4. To organise and promote debate on various cultural aspects.
  5. To organise and promote arts festivals
  6. To facilitate regional cooperation and exchange programs
  7. To facilitate the production of African retail cultural products
  8. To promote the proliferation of African and Zimbabwean home grown artistic work.
  9. To provide information and networking among artists in Africa.[2]


Since its inception, Pamberi Trust has been on the forefront in organising music, poetry and comedy performances about six nights each work.[3] It has also been hosting public forums an discussions on everyday life issues such as politics, the economic situation, HIV and AIDS among other issues. Pamberi Trust facilitated other several events these include about 500 creative performances every year. It also established the Book Cafe Academy of Performing Arts which churned out new talent and new arts groups which dominated the arts fraternity in the country the country.[3]


Major partners in th arts sector include the Book Cafe and the Mannenberg which are both based in Harare. These two provide the platforms for arts exhibitions and performances. Some of the partners involved in the funding of Pamberi Trust include Africalia Belgium, HIVOS, WK Kellogg Foundation, Freedom to Create, International Performers Aid Trust, Stichting Doen, Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD).[2]


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