Pastor Evan Mawarire

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Evan Mawarire
Pastor Evan
ChurchHis Generation Church
Personal details
Birth nameEvan Mawarire
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
SpouseSamantha Mawarire
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Activist
  • Religious Leader
  • Author

Pastor Evan (full name Evan Mawarire) is a Zimbabwean religious leader, Motivational Speaker, author and activist. In April 2016 he posted a video on Facebook with the title ThisFlag which went viral spurring the start of the #ThisFlag hashtag online campaign.


Mawarire did his secondary education at Prince Edward High School in Harare.

ThisFlag Campaign

On 20 April 2016, Pastor Evan posted a video on Facebook titled This Flag in which he decried the state of the economy and how he felt Zimbabwe was not delivering its promises to its citizens. The video went viral on Facebook (where it got more than 100,000 views) and WhatsApp. Video below:

This flag This beautiful flag They tell that the Green is for the vegetation and for the crops I don't see any crops in my country Hanzi the Yellow is for all the minerals, Goridhe, diamond, platinum, chrome I don't know how much of it is left I don't know who they sold it to and how much they got for it The Red, they say that is the blood The blood that was shed to secure freedom for me And I'm so thankful for that I just don't know that if they were here They that shed their blood And saw the way that the country is That they wouldn't demand that their blood be brought back

This flag

They tell me that the black is for the majority People like me And yet for some reason I don't feel like I am a part of it I look at it sometimes and I wonder Is this a story of my future Or is just a reminder of a sad past Wherever I go and I put on the colours of Zimbabwe They look at me and as if they want to laugh they ask 'Are you from Zimbabwe?' Vachiseka

And sometimes when I look at the flag It's not a reminder of my pride and inspiration It feels as if I just want to belong to another country

This flag

And so I must look at it again with courage And try to remind myself that it is my country I look at the Green and think to myself It is not just vegetation But the green represents the power of being able to push through soil To push past limitations and flourish and grow That's me My flag

The Yellow yes is about the minerals But not just the minerals that are in the ground But the minerals above it You, me We are the minerals We are the value of this land

The Red, Yes, it's blood But not just blood It's passionate blood It is the will survive It is the resolve to carry on It is the want to push through to see the dreams come to pass

This flag

And the Black The Black is the night sky That which we emerge from and we shine It is the brilliant colours It is the wonderful and lovely fruition of everythinig that we have ever hoped for It needs a black for it to be visible

This flag

It is my country, My Zimbabwe We go through so much We don't look like much even now but there is promise in it I will fight for it I will live for it and I will stand for it

This is the time That a change must happen Quit standing on the sidelines and watching this flag fly And wishing for a future that you are not at all wanting to get involved in This flag Everyday that it flies it's begging for you to get involved It's begging for you to say something It's begging for you to cry out And say why must we be in the situation that we are in

This flag It's your flag It's my flag

This flag.

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After watching the video, Zimbabweans from around the world started posting selfies with the flag on Twitter and Facebook. Following the overwhelming response, Mawarire started challenge that he called the ThisFlag Challenge. He would post a video to Facebook updating Zimbabweans on activities being carried, flag donations he was getting and the progress of the movement

Follow up videos

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Response from politicians


In response to the campaign, Zanu-PF politician Jonathan Moyo said

The fad or thing is not Zim but your political stunt which has nothing to do with the flag. Politics. Handei tione![1]

Death Threats

Mawarire said that after the posting of the initial #ThisFlag video, he received death threats via telephone, with one caller threatening to strangle him with the Zimbabwean flag:

You think you are clever? The flag you are holding can be used to strangle you. Are you a politician, an activist or pastor? Come clean and tell us where you really stand so that we can fight you on the correct turf.[2]

Mawarire said he was living in fear after the threats.


  • What he wants
  • Dream big and make it happen


Evan Mawarire with family
  • Mawarire has said he earns his living from public speaking
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