Patrick Chinamasa Death Hoax

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Patrick Chinamasa

In January 2021 news circulated that former cabinet minister and Zanu PF politician Patrick Chinamasa had contracted and died from Covid-19.

In a telephone interview with Reuben Barwe Chinamasa said he is getting tired of being killed and resurrected and claimed that he was said to have died three times in one week alone. Interestingly, Barwe was also said to have also died from Covid-19 complications.

In the brief telephone interview with Barwe, Chinamasa said:

"I am well but as you may know, I am a bit tired and exhausted from being killed all through the social media.

…What is sad is that our journalist ethics have gone to the dogs.

I am happy that you are communicating that it is very evil to spread false, fake news, especially about people’s supposed deaths. I know they wish us dead.

In fact, he (Chinamasa) died three times and resurrected three times. Thanks be to God."

You can watch the video of Barwe's interview with Chinamasa below:

#COVID​-19 Fake News: ZBC's Reuben Barwe speaks to Cde Patrick Chinamasa about their death claims