Paul Mwazha
Paul Mwazha, Mwazha Apostolic Sect
Paul Mwazha
ChurchMwazha Apostolic Sect
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OccupationReligious Leader

Paul Mwazha is the founder and leader of the Mwazha Apostolic Sect. Mwazha is sensationally referred by his followers as "Mutumwa" a title which can be equated to Apostle due to his type of message which is said to be teaching oriented.


Paul Mwazha was born in 1918 in Zimbabwe.[1]

Religious career

Mwazha is believed to have received a divine calling at a very tender age. He was given a divine appointment in a version in which his main task was to be the teacher and the Apostle of the African continent. When his ministry began to gather momentum in the then Rhodesia, Mwazha made it clear that he had been called to be the servant of Africa as a whole. For this reason, his followers began to call him "Mutumwa WeAfrica", a Shona phrase meaning a servant of Africa.[1]

His church began to grow after independence in Zimbabwe with the bulk of his followers being local Shona and Ndebele societies. It was generally viewed with a negative eye as one of the usually conservative African initiated churches. The church has however grown to become one of the biggest locally indigenous churches also known as African Independent Churches. To date, the church has thousands of followers in all the ten provinces of the country. Furthermore, the church has also shown its influence through the establishment of branches in other countries such as South Africa, Botswana, United Kingdom, United States of America and Malawi.[1]


Like most African initiated churches, the Mwazha church celebrates African culture in its Christian teachings. It values African customs such as marriage, dressing and issues of hierarchy. The church is celebrated by most pan-Africanists for its role in upholding African values and culture. The church is also known for its somewhat extreme detachment to certain foods such as bread. Other strict rules include;

  1. Not wearing black clothes or shoes
  2. Refraining from bread and other wheat products.
  3. Refraining from television and other forms of entertainment.[1]
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