Paul Tangi Mhova Mkondo (23 December 1945 – 9 May 2013) was a Zimbabwean nationalist, academic, and businessman.Mkondo was born in 1945 in Fort Victoria,(now Masvingo). He was the third born in a family of 18 children, the second son of Tangi Mkondo. Paul grew up in Nerupiri Village in Gutu a district of Masvingo Province. He later moved with his father Tangi Mhova Mkondo, who was a very hard-working & disciplined farm manager (who was asked by the white farm owner to relocate with him because he trusted & respected his work ethics), to Schoora Estate in Marandellas (now Marondera) in Mashonaland East Province.[1]Mkondo went on to become a full-time Outward Bound Instructor where he trained another future Nationalist Moven Mahachi who later on was to confide in him in advising & planning the escape of Robert Mugabe & Edgar Tekere to Mozambique alongside Chief Rekayi Tangwena (whom he had befriended as an Outward Bound instructor) to kick-start the Armed Struggle with the assistance of Samora Machel & FRELIMO guerrilla fighters. After a few years as an Outward bound Instructor and Scout in the Eastern Highlands,Mkondo decided to continue his education, as nobody in his family had yet gone to University, yet alone College. He enrolled at Bulawayo Polytechnic College to train in hotel catering, a course that was sponsored by the Rhodesian Breweries (Natbrew) and Anglo American Corporation. He was one of two African students accepted for this course as the rest were Whites and Coloureds. Whoever came first was to be offered a scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management at Blackpool Technical College (now Blackpool and The Fylde College) in the United Kingdom. Mkondo came first in the course, but was not offered the scholarship because of his colour.[1] This was his first personal bitter taste of racial discrimination, as this scholarship was a lifetime opportunity to help him become the Family's breadwinner. Mkondo then relocated to Highfields Harare, & was successful in getting a job with the prestigious Park Lane Hotel as an assistant manager in charge of the kitchen. Because of a mishap at a white man's daughter's wedding where he soundly beat up (Mkondo was a trained champion boxer) some Rhodesian soldiers who were later found guilty and fined £25 each, he was barred from being employed by any white catering establishment in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). After being fired from Park Lane Hotel in Salisbury (now Harare), he got another job at the Federal Hotel owned by an Asian businessman. He found himself again at war with the Coloureds who could not accept a black manager.[1]