Pedzai Sakupwanya

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Pedzai 'Scott' Sakupwanya

Pedzai Sakupwanya popularly known as Scott is a Zimbabwean gold dealer. In 2020, pictures of Sakupwanya posing with dozens of gold bars went viral on social media with reports at the time saying he was a runner for rich white gold dealers.

Net Worth

Whilst his net worth is unknown, Pedzai 'Scott' Sakupwanya owns BetterBrands Jewellery which in 2018 sponsored Emmanuel Bako.[1]


Sakupwanya owns BetterBrands Jewellery and BetterBrands Mining Company.[1]

Mine Grab

In February 2021, Zimlive reported that Sakupwanya faced arrest after his Betterbrands Mining Company illegally snatched 132 gold mining blocks from Redwing Mine in Penhalonga in connivance with Redwing judicial manager, Cecil Madondo.

The matter came to light after another company, Probadek Investments, approached the police and the courts claiming that they had earlier entered into an agreement with Redwing through Madondo – who at the time was in remand prison facing charges of fraud over the Sakupwanya deal – to mine on the same blocks that were later awarded to Sakupwanya’s Betterbrands.

Probadek’s owners said they invested over US$300,000 as initial payments and were shocked Madondo signed a deal with Sakupwanya.

Probadek signed the joint venture with Redwing in October 2020, while Sakupwanya’s Betterbrands signed in December the same year, sparking a dispute on who between the two companies should mine at the disputed gold claims. Probadek reported the matter to the police for the arrest of Sakupwanya, but only his Chinese partner had been arrested.

The dispute reportedly attracted the attention of the Special Anti-Corruption Unit. According to the report, Betterbrands agreed to invest US$3 million, but the company paid US$50,000 to get the deal. The company was targeting paying off the remainder using proceeds from mining activities.[2]


In 2020, Sakupwanya was pictured at State House after donating 100 tonnes of maize meal to Emmerson Mnangagwa to be distributed to vulnerable communities suffering the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic.[2] Scott Sakupwanya is the president of youth empowerment advocacy group, Upfumi Kuvadiki.[3]


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