Phillip Chiyangwa

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Phillip Chiyangwa

Philip Chiyangwa (born 3 February 1959) is a popular and controversial, businesman and philanthropist. Known as 'Mkoma Fidza' by many, Chiyangwa has interests in several companies and businesses in Property Development, Tourism, Agriculture and Transport. Nephew to Robert Mugabe, Chiyangwa is the founder of a Black Empowerment initiative, The Amalgamated Action Group (AAG). Chiyangwa defied the odds by rising from a low background of being an vegetable vendor to become a millionaire.[1]


Chiyangwa was born to Divaris Makaharis and Marita Mandivenga on the 3rth of February 1959 in Chegutu. He was born in a family of 14. He has been married to Elizabeth since 1986 and the two had two children, Trevor and Jayden.


  • Girlfriends

In 2014, the media reported that Chiyangwa who allegedly have many sexual relationships with numerous girlfriends was spending over US$50 000 for his lovers upkeep. To add salt to injury, it was alleged, on average The bussiness tycoon was having 3 to 5 children per year with these women.[2] It was also alleged that most of the kids do not have birth certificates. Additionally, Chiyangwa allegedly is reluctant to use protection when he sleeps with the women.

  • Bizzare Videos

Of late, Chiyangwa had come under spotlight for releasing videos of himself boasting of his wealth. This led many to question his insanity. The video's which went viral on social networks such as Facebook. In the videos, he boasts of his expensive cars ans luxury lifestyle.[3]


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