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In 2014, Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni was ordered by Min. of Local Govt. Ignatius Chombo to reinstate Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi, who had been suspended for not disclosing the salaries of the top council officials. Philosophy Nyapfumbi, a civil activist, went on hunger strike in protest at this order. The people marched in support of the suspension of the Town Clerk by the Mayor.

Personal Details

Born 1972

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A Harare man, Philosophy Nyapfumbi (42), has vowed that he will starve himself until the town clerk Tendai Mahachi is suspended again. Mahachi had been suspended last week for failing to submit a salary schedule for the top management to Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni but was reinstated by Local government minister Ignatius Chombo a few days later. [1] [2]

Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR), led residents in a march to Town House, in a show of support for Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni’s fight cleanse the city council of corruption. Samuel Mangoma, the acting director said reports of gross financial irregularities at town house must be investigated. The Mayor of Harare suspended the town clerk, Tendai Mahachi, for failing to comply with a directive to furnish council with the salary schedules of all senior council employees. Less than 48 hours later Ignatius Chombo, a friend and alleged business partner of Mahachi, directed that he be reinstated before any investigations can be conducted against him. This move has angered residents who have vowed to fight Chombo tooth and nail to ensure he keeps his hands off council affairs. Mangoma said that corruption at town house has deprived residents of basic services. The mayor acted within the confines of the constitution to suspend Mahachi and we all knew Chombo would move to protect him.

A High Court judge denied an application filed by a Harare resident that sought to stop Mahachi from reporting for duty. Bellinda Chinowawa of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, who filed the application on behalf of resident and ratepayer Tawanda Zhuwarara, said the judge denied the application because Manyenyeni had already complied with Chombo’s order to reinstate Mahachi. [3]

Philosophy Nyapfumbi, the man who was on a hunger strike at Town House in protest against the reinstatement of Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi, was summoned to a meeting by Bernard Manyenyeni and officials from the Ministry of Local Government. The mayor and his colleagues requested Nyapfumbi to end his protest and leave Town House, saying investors were complaining about his action and presence there. Nyapfumbi this morning said he was continuing with his protest. Yesterday I (Itai Dzamara) interviewed him and he revealed that police officials had threatened him. He also said he had received a phone call from the Central Intelligence Organisation and an official had also threatened him. [4]

After five days camped at Town House on a diet of popcorn and water, Nyapfumbi said he was suspending his hunger protest after a meeting with the Mayor, until results of a forensic audit would be known. He was happy in that he at least brought in the auditors and this is going to expose what the problems.

Tendai Mahachi stands accused of failing to properly discharge his duties after he refused to provide the salary and benefits schedule of all senior council employees, including his own schedule. [5]

In March he claimed he would start his strike again if Bernard Manyenyeni failed to provide a favourable response that addresses the plight of residents. The hunger strike was in protest against Ignatius Chombo's decision to re-instate Tendai Mahachi who had been suspended for failing to disclose the salary schedule of top council officials. [6]

In May, Philosophy Nyapfumbi petitioned the Parliamentary Committee on Local Government to probe mismanagement and irregularities at the Harare City Council. He had suspended his hunger strike after the mayor, assured him that the local authority would conduct a forensic audit as a matter of urgency. The aim of the petition was to pressure Parliament to move a motion in this regard. Chair of the committee Irene Zindi said the petition would deal with the issue ‘this week’. Parliament has summoned the town clerk to explain why council purchased vehicles from funds meant for the rehabilitation of the town’s water system.

Specific concerns are:

  • the Chinese-Harare water deal.
  • reasons for council purchasing vehicles using the $144,4 million Chinese loan meant for the water project.
  • the criteria used to sell stands to top council officials.
  • council to reveal salaries earned by management.
  • devise sustainable mechanisms for paying workers.

In 2010 the City of Harare and China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation signed a massive loan agreement to refurbish water and sewer treatment plants. In 2014, Manyenyeni told a full council meeting that the agreement was too misty to understand and there was need for investigations. A committee has been formed to investigate. This followed revelations that council management had bought 25 cars, whose value was yet to be disclosed, using the loan.

Council management needs to understand that it is residents’ constitutional right to be updated about agreements and other commitments involving the city. [7]

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