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Locally relevant internet

Pindula is a place to find information about local things. We do it a lot like Wikipedia, except everything here is hyper-local. In fact, we use the same platform that Wikipedia uses. The only difference is we want as much as possible for locals to contribute to local information.

Why we created Pindula

The short answer is that we needed it ourselves.

Before we started Pindula, we were part of a project called Techzim.

As writers there we required research on local things to help with background on stories. It was frustrating how starved of locally relevant information the internet is, especially for Zimbabwe and, we imagine, other African countries. The little information available is written by people that don’t live in the places they write about.

We suspected we were not the only ones frustrated with this. Now 6 years after starting Pindula, it has become the primary source of information about local stuff not just for us but for other content creators, college students, researchers, journalists, investors & business people.

How you can get involved

You can get involved with Pindula by becoming a volunteer contributor. Yes. We do need your help.
Here are some 2 quick ways to contribute:

  • Edit existing articles like these that need detail
  • Check the "Wanted Pages" list (Articles that don't exist here yet) and see if there's one that you can write about.

Get in Touch

  • Send us an email on, (we try to respond fast), or
  • Chat with us on WhatsApp on +263 732 464 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you non-profit?
No. We are a commercial company. We don't believe profit is a bad thing as it enables people to grow & pursue the things they care about. We care about locally relevant information being more available on the internet.

What’s your business model?
Currently, that’s ads. It pays modestly well to allow us to pursue this.

Do you pay contributors
Not at the moment we don't. We realise that this means potential contributors who have limited time & resources cannot spare the time to contribute to Pindula. We are working on a test where we pay contributors from the revenue of the platform while still ensuring the platform itself is profitable and has continuity. We hope to launch that in 2019 and will be announcing that on the Update Notes page.

Are you hiring?
Whenever we can afford, we are keen to hire additional full-time staff. Talent, drive & caring about what we do are what we look for. We certainly need more editors and software developers. If you think you’re a great fit, please reach us on We usually hire from our existing community (WhatsApp groups, contributors, etc…)

How do I follow your work?
We usually post updates about our work on on the Update Notes page

If you are not registered already, or aren't logged in, Do it here so you can easily track your contributions.

Lastly, here's a quick how-to to turn you into a Pindula editing newbie pro chop chop: Quick Pindula how-to Guide.