Diego Tryno

Diego Tinotenda Chikombeka(born 5 February 1998)[[1]],Known professionally as Diego Tryno

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Diego Tryno
Native nameDiego Tinotenda Chikombeka
PronunciationAmerican: A: /ˈdjɛɡo/ tino-tenda_chiko-mbeka British: /ˈDYAY-go/ti-notenda
Other namesMr Coffee Please
Years active2014-Present

is a Zimbabwean urban-contemporary,hip-hop musician and song writer.He is now recording under the moniker The Future Billionaire and he received the cognomen Mr Coffee please after the release of his debut album.

  • Background

Diego was born in Mutare,Manicaland Province,Zimbabwe.He was born to Christoher Chikombeka and the late Fungisai Kanjera at Sakubva District Hospital.He moved to Harare,Zimbabwe in 2013.[2]

  • Career
He first appeared in 2014 at the age of fifteen (15) and he recorded his first single go diego go[3] which gained reception in clubs and bars.He released his debut album In October 2018 called Lazarus [4] and the album launch was intertwined with Hipu-hopu yekugheto artist Ti Gonzi's album Best Mero[5].Diego began to receive substantial airplay on radio stations such as Star Fm, ZiFm Stereo,Hevoi Fm and South African radio station Metro Fm.October 30 2018,he released his first video Mabvuta[6],which garnered  him a substantial following and the video views rocketed  in a short space of time. The video was also played on national television channel ZBC Tv's hoza friday[7].

Regionally Diego worked Dry AFM a musicial producer from Botswana [8]and the producer contributed in the sound production of diego's collaboration song yolo which featured a Botswanian musician Proxy Cee.

  • Discography

  • Albums

  1. Lazarus (Age Vol1)
  • Singles
  1. Go diego go
  2. Sungai
  3. It ain’t mine
  4. i won’t give up
  5. Yolo
  6. Mabvuta