Air Rhodesia Vickers 748D Viscount.jpg
  • 12 February 1979: Air Rhodesia Flight 827, a Viscount carrying 54 passengers and 5 crew members, is shot down by Joshua Nkomo's ZIPRA forces just 6 minutes after take-off in Kariba. The plane was headed for Salisbury. All 59 people on board perish.
  • 12 February 1981: The Entumbane Uprising, a fight between Rhodesian African Rifles, Zimbabwe National Army, ZANLA and ZIPRA soldiers that had started on the 8th of February, ends. The Uprising is also called Entumbane II or the Battle of Bulawayo. Over 400 ZANLA and ZIPRA soldiers are estimated to have lost their lives in the uprising.
  • 12 February 1983: A whole village in Gulakabili is abducted from nearby to the Pumula Mission area, where they are beaten. Some aaare then forced to dig a mass grave, made to climb in, and are shot. They are buried while still moving, and villagers made to dance on the grave and sing songs. The atrocity is allegedly committed by 5 Brigade and is part of what is commonly referred to as Gukurahundi.
Lovemore Madhuku National Constitutional Assembly.jpg
  • 12 February 2000: A constitutional referendum is held in Zimbabwe from 12 to 13 February. Due to a successful nation-wide campaign for a "No" vote spearheaded by the Lovemore Madhuku led National Constitutional Assembly, of the 1,312,738 votes, the "No" gets 54.7% against a 45.3% for the "Yes" vote.