Pokello Nare

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Pokello Nare

Pokello Nare is of Zimbabwe's popular socialite, businesswoman and former Big Brother Africa(BBA) housemate. Though she became a celebrity through her stint at BBA, Pokello rose to national stardom when her sex tape with rapper, Stunner was leaked to the media in 2012. Most of the time, Nare is in the news for the wrong reason. In early May 2014, she made headlines when she posted a controversial message about her behavior after her boyfriend, Elikem proposed to her live on national television.


Nare was born to Retired Colonel George Nare and Bessy Nare. She was raised in Harare. She is half Sotho and half Zimbabwean. She is of a royal descent, the Babirwa Clan in the lineage of Sikoba Morole, the chief of the Babirwas, who is now based in Botswana.[1] Nare comes from Manama area in rural Gwanda in Matabeleland South.


She attended Alexandra Park Primary School for her primary education where she was heavily involved in sports like hockey and athletics. He then proceeded to Kyle College in Masvingo. For her tertiary education, Nare went to Monash University in South Africa where she studied business management and media. Her leadership qualities were seen here as she became one of the two females who made up a 10-member Student Representative Council (SRC). She also made history by becoming the first woman to ever hold the social coordinator position on campus.[2]

The Sex Tape

In December 2011, little known Pokello hogged the limelght when her sex tape with Stunner was leaked by the tabloid, H-Metro. The two-minute clip shows Nare having unprotected sex with Stunner. The clip was made at the home they used to share in the Harare's Avondale surburb using Stunner's iPhone.[3] The tape went viral on social media platforms. His father who is a retired general did not condone his daughter's behaviuor, but instead castigated the person who leaked the tape. He also said her daughter was strong enough not to be weakened by the tape. Rt Nare is reported to have said The video footage was not meant for public consumption and the person who leaked it should be guilty of character assassination. My daughter has a strong personality and would not be weakened by that.[4]

BBA Representative

Pokello had a colourful stay at the BBA. She survived four times. The first time she received eight country votes and the following two times she had four country votes. She was however evicted in July 2013. Controversy also followed there when she called herself Delicious Delilah[5] at the grand finale of the Chase. This did not go down well with most of her fans who found the comments embarrassing and revealing. It was here that he also met his current boyfriend Elikem. The latter represented Ghana in the BBA. The two were clearly in love as they were constantly spotted bathing together and sharing the same bed. Above all, they often kissed on occasions.. As a result Pokello went on to dump Stunner live on television. Pokello did this at the on the day of her eviction from BBA.[6]


In May 2014, Pokello got engaged to her Ghananian boyfriend Elikem. The two met at the BBA in 2013. Pokello and Elikem got engaged on air while presenting the Best Collaboration of the Year at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.[7] However, she caused a stir with her fcebook and twiiter message after the proposal. She posted: Unobva washaya kuti vaya vanovenga vanovengerei. Wozonzwa zvichinzi mahure haaroorwi. Asi wozoona ring ichipfekedzwa wobva wazvishaya. (You wonder why there are haters. Some people say prostitutes do not get married and when you see someone getting a ring, you wonder)[8] This ignited public debate with many castigating her loose morals.


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