McDonald Sheldon aka Quonfused
Quonfused posing for photo
BornMcDonald Sheldon
(1993-06-05) June 5, 1993 (age 28)
Harare, Zimbabwe
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
  • Musician
  • Actor
Years active2008 to present

Quonfused ia a popular Zimbabwe Dancehall artiste. He is part of the group of artistes such as Soul Jah Love, winky D and Seh Calaz that have become household names for their exceptional performances in the music genre popularly dubbed Zim dancehall.


Born Mcdonald Sheldon on June 5 1993 in Harare and he is the first born in a family of two boys and one girl.[1]

Musical Background and Professional Career

He started recording when he was just 15 years old in 2008 after having been raised in a family in which everyone was a passionate lover of music listening to international artistes and groups like Michael Jackson and UB40. Quonfused stated that growing up in such an environment helped him discover his talent for music.[2] The name Qunfused is said to mean a Conscious fused mind or person which is what the artiste. claims he is. He broke into the limelight courtesy of a collaboration he did a collaboration with fellow dancehall sensation Freeman on a track titled “Chimbovarega”.[1] His first ever live performance was in 2008 when he performed at a school function. The young artiste managed to release his debut album in 2011 which was called "King of style" which also featured Freeman.


  • Wakanaka nhai ka
  • Moto
  • kana party yapera
  • Poto
  • Mangoma kubasa
  • Nhasi kumafaro
  • Ngatidanane
  • Bheji bheji
  • Inini
  • Gura matunhu

Sandals and Controversies

Quonfused was involved in a stand off with fellow dancehall artiste Seh Calaz over girl who was said to have dated both artistes leading to their confrontation. It was reported that the girl identified as Vanessa was at one point dating Quonfused but things went south when Quonfused was reported to have started making suspicious inquiries about Seh Calaz's girlfriend living in the United Kingdom. In a bid to fix Quonfused over his "inappropriate" inquiries about Calaz's girlfriend, Vanessa is said to have initiated a relationship with Calaz just to settle scores.[3] There were also reports which also claimed that the alleged affair between Calaz and Vanessa were not about Quonfused making inappropriate inquiries but was actually fuelled by the fact that Quonfused had cheated on Vanessa with Calaz's girlfriend. So Vanessa alleged affair with Calaz was apparently to fix Calaz's girlfriend who was reported to have dated Vanessa's boyfriend, Quonfused.[4] The tension between the two artistes is said to have reached boiling point at a gig where both were performing resulting in a physical confrontation between the two. The fighting between the two was said to have taken place some time in April further attaching more credibility to the rumours that the two artistes did not see eye to eye over a girl. Reports which emerged after the bust up suggested that Calaz was thoroughly beaten up by Quonfused for his alleged affair with Vanessa leaving him with face injuries. Quonfused went on to release a song in which he cautions other artistes to be wary of girls who go about bedding several artistes which he argued exposed them to HIV and AIDS. In a surprising twist of events, Calaz who had initially pressed charges on Quonfused later on dropped the charges arguing that it was not proper for them to be dragging each other through the courts as professional artistes. Calaz's "act of forgiveness" was even more suprising considering the fact tat the artiste had sustained injuries which were threatening to incapacitate him for a show that he was billed to perform a week after the altercation.[5]

The girl Vanessa, who was at the centre of the antagonism between the two warring artistes also took to social media stating that

I want to apologise to Quonfuzed for all the trouble I put him through. You did not deserve what I put you through. I hope you forgive me. I regret it. Seh Calaz was a mistake and I hope his wife forgives me too. I look forward to working on my music and I pray that Zim dancehall artists will unite. beef hapana kwainotisvitsa.[6]

Despite Vanessa issuing a public apology for the chaos that she had caused, Seh Calaz refused having had an intimate relationship with Vanessa but insisted that Vanessa was his manager. This further complicated the matter since Calaz already had a manager known as Godfrey Bakasa. Commenting on his altercation with Calaza, Quonfused stated that although he had been angered by the actions of Calaz, he had over reacted because apparently he was drunk. It is alleged that Calaz took nude photos of Vanessa and started circulating them much to the anger of Quonfused. The drama between the two artistes seems to have had a lot of ripple effects after it emerged that Calaz was contemplating boycotting a gig because he felt it may have been too early for them to share a stage considering what had happened between them. Bakasa who manages Calaz was quoted in the media saying

We have since moved on from what happened over the weekend although there are still some unanswered questions as to why Quonfused failed to talk about whatever problem there was and chose to be violent. We have forgiven him but we are not sure if it’s a good idea to be sharing the stage this early since the incident may still be fresh in the minds of our fans hence we are most likely to skip the launch because we are against violence and we do not intend to split the fans as that is bad for dancehall.[5]

Disappointing Shows

The artiste was reported to have been invited to perform at a backyard party popularly referred to as passa passa in Highfield but left fans disappointed after a poor showing. The artiste is said to have angered the fans such that they started pelting him with stones, beer cans and sticks displaying their lack of satisfaction.[7]


Apart from his music career, Quonfused is also part of the local action series aired on ZBC TV called "Go Chanaiwa"

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