Rabson Muchichwa

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Rabson "Sarafina" Muchichwa

Rabson "Sarafina" Muchichwa is a former footballer who during the prime of his career as a player played for 6 South African top-flight league teams.


Rabson was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.


Rabson joined Dynamos Football Club in the year 2000 after he had previously played in South Africa for Qwa QwaQwa Stars and Kaizer Chiefs. Sarafina went on to rejoin Kaizer Chiefs and later on played for Ria Stars, Black Aces, Pitsburg Pillars and Benoni Premier United all in South Africa. [1]


During his day as a young player, Muchichwa broke a record by being Kick Off magazine’s best cover boy. When he was on the cover in March 1998, Kick Off sold the most copies, nearly 100 000, and that record stands to this date.[2]


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