Rainbow Towers Food Festival

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The Rainbow Towers Food Festival is food celebration platform born out of the need to create an annual event around the 2014 Africa Day holiday. The festival allows the public an opportunity to celebrate food, and its differences across cultures and borders, as food is an integral part of being African.[1] The notion behind the event is that food brings people together. Launched in 2014, the event is a partnership between Rainbow Towers, Feel Good Zimbabwe and Carl Can Cook. The inaugural festival ran from the 23rd to the 25th May and featured celebrity chef Siba Mtongana and Celebrity Chef Carl and popular stand up comedian Carl Joshua Ncube. The programme included Braai Master competitions, cooking classes, cocktail making demo, demos from Siba and Carl as well standup comedy on every single night.[2]


  • Growing the food culture as a business in Zimbabwe. This would be achieved through exporting indigenous foods like our different types of sadza.
  • Making food a tourist attraction as the many people are interested in learning more about Zimbabweans through its food.[3]


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