Ras Pompy

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Ras Pompy
Ras Pompy.jpg
Background information
Birth nameNyasha Reginald Mano
BornMbare, Harare
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artists, Songwriter

Ras Pompy is a Zimdancehall artists who, at just 13 years old in 2014, was the youngest artist in the industry. Some of Ras Pompy's most popular tracks include Nzira Dzevakoma which he sang with Spider Man (also called Mad Spider), Style and Pattern,Tochivharira, Change Giya and Tobhilivha na Most High. Pompy started off his career at Chill Spot Records under the guidance of top Zimdancehall producers, Arnold Kamudyariwa ("Fantan") and Rodger Kadzimwe ( "Levelz" ).


Born Nyasha Reginald Mano in Mbare in a family of three, he is the last born.


Pompy went to Morgan High School before getting a scholarship to study at Borrowdale Brook Academy as part of their community programme for disadvantaged but talented children. Pompy was known to maintain good time balance for his music career and education.[1]

Personal Life

Ras Pompy's father died in 2001 when he was just a toddler and his mother, Alinetty Matimura, struggled to send him and his brother to school. However at 13, from the early successes of his music career Pompy was able to take care of the basic needs of his family.

On average I perform two shows per week but sometimes the demand can be more or less. This translates to about eight shows per month, sometimes they can be seven. My standard fee is US $250, which can also vary upwards or downwards depending on the type of the show. So on a really good month I take home about US$2 000 but it seldom goes below US$1 000 no matter how bad a month is. I give the money to my mother to buy groceries, pay my school fees and budget for my bus fare.[2]

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Music career

Ras Pompy recorded his first song, called Mwari Baba, when he was just 8 years old and doing his Grade 3. Ras Pompy got the name Ras Pompy from his friends in the Mbare neighbourhood. He has said that he was inspired by fellow Zim dancehall artiste Kinnah. “If you look closely you will realise that Kinnah is very popular around here.

He is one of the few artistes that my generation watched perform and we could relate with his message. He has a huge impact in my life. He inspired me and continues to do so even today”[2] Pompy toured the UK in 2014 as part of the Zvirikumbofamba Sei Tour with other artists Jay C, Lady Bee, Dhadza D, Loud H Mbada and Lewaz Skattah.

Award Nominations

  • Nominated for the 2014 Best Zimdancehall Youngster Award


Nzira Dzavakoma
Hazvisi Zvemahara
Ras Pompy freestyle at Chill Spot
Ras Pompy and Siper Man Live
UK Show
Ras Pompy welcomed to Chillspot after UK Tour

Popular Songs

  • Tochivharira
  • Usade kutamba neni
  • Zvirikumbofamba sei
  • Mwari baba



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