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[[File:Robert-Jnr-and-Chatunga-550.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Robert Mugabe Jnr]]'''Robert Mugabe Junior''' is the son to the president of the republic of [[Zimbabwe]] [[Robert Mugabe]] and first lady [[Grace Mugabe]] who is also the Secretary of the Women's league in the ruling [[Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front]] party.
#REDIRECT [[Robert Mugabe Junior]]
Robert Junior was born to a ruling elite family established in the Zimbabwean political arena. He is the second born in a family of three. [[Bona Mugabe]] (nee Chikore) is the first born in the family and Chatunga is the last born in the family. His family comes from the Zvimba area in the [[Mashonaland]] west province and the family also owns a number of estates in the Mazowe area of Mashonaland central province.
==Educational Background==
He attended [[Kutama College]] in Zvimba his primary and early secondary education. He was then transfered to Spesis College in [[Harare]] where he continued with his studies. He completed his Advanced Level at St John's College in Harare where he performed dismally in his final exams.<ref name="newzim">, [http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-7236-Robert+Junior+fails+A+Levels,+dad+reveals/news.aspx Robert Junior fails A' Levels, dad reveals], "NewZimbabwe", published:19 Feb 2012,retrieved:16 Dec 2014"</ref> His father publicised the news when he compared his dismal performance to the elder sister Bona who had succeeded in attaining a Degree from Hong Kong in China. Robert Junior is alleged to have attained a series of U's in his Advanced Level and his father ridiculed him by referring him to as an 'undertaker'. In an interview with the [[The Sunday Mail]], the president was quoted saying; “He did not do well in his A’ Level exams. We have now had to get him private teachers. He enjoys this basketball thing. He likes it, he goes to the gym after that, but aahh... we were given the impression he was working hard,".<ref name="newzim"/>
==Sporting Career==
Robert Junior has interests in basketball. He started his career when he was still in primary School at Kutama. He once played for the Zimbabwe national Basketball under-18 team international games. One of his notable appearances was when he featured for the Zimbabwean squad in the Zone 6 games held in Harare in 2010.<ref name="nhradio">, [http://nehandaradio.com/2010/05/17/mugabes-son-storms-onto-basketball-scene/ Mugabe’s son storms onto basketball scene], "Nehanda Radio", published: 17 May 2010,retrieved:16 Dec 2014"</ref> He participated in the games when he was only 18. His mother Grace attended the games at [[City Sports Centre]] and she was on the touch line cheering the son who displayed a good performance. His father however was not very approving of the son and he emphasised academic excellence as being important to other forms of success.
==Political Interests==
In 2014, youths from Harare made calls to bring in Robert Junior into the party's youth wing.<ref name="abc"> T. Sibanda, [http://nehandaradio.com/2014/08/04/robert-mugabe-junior-to-enter-politics/ Robert Mugabe junior to enter politics], "Nehanda Radio", published:4 Aug 2014,retrieved:16 Dec 2014"</ref> These calls came in a bid to end [[Factionalism in ZANU-PF 2014]] which was allegedly being perpetuated by the camp led by the ousted vice president [[Joice Mujuru]]. The bid however did not succeed. It was his mother who succeeded when she was elected the Secretary for the women's affairs in the ZANU PF party.
In 2010, Robert Junior made the headlines when he escaped from the state bodyguards at St Johns College in Harare and went shopping with his friend. He is believed to have escaped the watchful eyes of the state security personnel into his friend's car and went to Chisipite shopping centre where he enjoyed a few moments as an ordinary citizen away from the watchful eye of security personnel.<ref name="zimzim">, [http://www.zimeye.org/robert-mugabe-jnr-runs-away-from-bodyguards/ Robert Mugabe jnr runs away from bodyguards], "Zimeye", published:24 May 2014,retrieved:16 Dec 2014"</ref>
Robert Junior is the Robert Mugabe's first born son (second in the family).
He was named number 4 among Zimbabwe's most influential young people in a survey conducted by the Zimbabwe Research Institute. <ref name=";kdghg">, [https://www.facebook.com/zimbabwebroadcastingcorporation?fref=nf 50 Most Influential Young Zimbabweans:], "ZBC News Online", published:15 Dec 2014,retrieved: 16 Dec 2014"</ref>
He was also named among Zimbabwe's hottest men. <ref name="boat">, [http://www.3-mob.com/?p=18168 Oh… There Is A Top 10 Hottest Zimbabwean Men List Too], "Three Men on a Boat", published:3 Oct 2014,retrieved:16 Dec 2014"</ref>
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