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| Genres || Hip Hop,R&B, Dancehall
| Genres || Hip Hop,R&B, Dancehall
| Associated act || [[Dj Madd Vybz]], [[Mcy Ghost]], Young Buff,Tanaka_jt
| Associated act || [[Athen Lyre]] , Dj Madd Vybz, [[Mcy Ghost]], Young Buff,Tanaka_jt |

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Adolf Lee Dizamuhupe (Born 26 February 1998)professionally known as Rocker Vybz The MRV Don, isa Zimbabwean Record producer, Disc Jockey (DJ), Magazine Editor, blogger, Web and Graphic designer based in Johannesburg South Africa.
Born Adolf Lee Dizamuhupe

26 February 1998

Dzivarasekwa Harare Zimbabwe

Occupation Record Producer,

Disc Jockey (DJ), Blogger

Years active 2013 - Present
Website tharealrockervybz.blogspot.com
Genres Hip Hop,R&B, Dancehall
Associated act Athen Lyre , Dj Madd Vybz, Mcy Ghost, Young Buff,Tanaka_jt |
Early Life

Adolf Lee Diza was born in Dzivarasekwa 3, Harare. He is the first born in the family of four, Adolf attended his primary school at Nhamburiko primary school from 2004 - 2008, he then dropped when moving to "Mutoko" in the middle of grade six. He stayed there for quite sometime (1/2years) from 2008 - end 2009 due to economically unstable, things weren't going well by that time. Adolf came back to Harare in 2010 to continue with his studies, he then started from where he had left (G7) at No4 Primary School and Karoi Enterprises (BD). "After primary " Adolf attended his secondary at First Link College from form 1 - 2 then transfer to Goromonzi Collage in Jury where he ended his secondary level.

Music Career

Rocker Vybz began his music career in 2010 at the age of 12 when he started as dancehall singer/songwriter.