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==Catholic  Dioceses in Zimbabwe ==
==Catholic  Dioceses in Zimbabwe ==
Archdiocese of [[Harare]] - led by Archbishop [[Christopher Robert Ndlovu]]
*Archdiocese of [[Harare]] - led by Archbishop [[Robert Christopher Ndlovu]]
Archdiocese of [[Bulawayo]]
*Archdiocese of [[Bulawayo]]
Diocese of [[Chinhoyi]]
*Diocese of [[Chinhoyi]]
Diocese of [[Gokwe]]
*Diocese of [[Gokwe]]
Diocese of [[Mutare]]
*Diocese of [[Mutare]]
Diocese of [[Gweru]]
*Diocese of [[Gweru]]
Diocese of [[Hwange]]
*Diocese of [[Hwange]]
Diocese of [[Masvingo]]
*Diocese of [[Masvingo]]
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* [[African Apostolic Church]]
* [[African Apostolic Church]]
==Latest Articles Created on Pindula==
==Latest Articles Created on Pindula==

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Roman Catholic Church
RCC in Zimbabwe
Roman Catholic Logo
Roman Catholic Church Logo
Membership1 million
ArchbishopRobert Christopher Ndlovu

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the biggest churches not only in the world but also in Zimbabwe. With particular reference to Zimbabwe, the church has a huge following and has also established itself in the education sector with dozens of academic institutions o its credit.


The Catholic Church in Zimbabwe was established in 1879, making it one of the earliest Christian churches to be established in the country.


The Catholic Church boasts of a huge following of about 1 million people in Zimbabwe (about 8% of the population).


  • Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference
  • Catholic Education Commission
  • Caritas Zimbabwe
  • Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office
  • Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace
  • HIV and AIDS Desk
  • Bishops Health Commission

Catholic Dioceses in Zimbabwe

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