Rutendo Munengami

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Rutendo Munengami is the spouse of Zimbabwean politician Fani Munengami.

Rape Incident

In 2003, Munengami said she was raped by a soldier while her nine-month-old son watched. During the launch of a report, Cries from Goromonzi: Inside Zimbabwe's Torture Chambers by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Rutendo Munengami said at least 10 soldiers wearing military gear forced their way into her bedroom, beating her up and demanding to know where her husband was.

She said when the soldiers failed to locate her husband, one of them raped her. After the ordeal, Munengami said, she was force-marched outside and positively identified the late Zanu PF political commissar Elliot Manyika who was seated in one of the cars.

She sustained broken hands and fingers. One of her fingers became dysfunctional.

Due to the rape and torture, Munengami was hospitalised for several weeks at a private clinic in Harare. She tested negative for HIV/AIDS.

When she was discharged from the clinic, she found out her children had been neglected as there was no one to look after them because her husband had fled to Botswana. She said her marriage nearly collapsed after relatives heard about the rape. Even her husband had a hard time accepting her back.

Although the courts ordered the army to compensate her, by March 2010 nothing had materialised.[1]


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