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Ruzivo Digital Learning is an online interactive digital learning platform originated by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.The platform was reported to target at primary and secondary students in Zimbabwe. It was also reported that their content is aligned to the Zimbabwean curricula and has been endorsed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Curriculum Development Unit (CDU).[1]

Aims and Objectives

According to their website;

Ruzivo Digital Learning is a desire to impact, transform and enhance the education and academic results of millions of learners. Affordability of high quality education is a key consideration. We understand that private schooling by its very nature could not be free or accessible to all pupils in Zimbabwe. Through innovative technological solutions such as Ruzivo, quality education can be made more accessible to a larger group of students who ideally have no access and in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Inclusive and equitable quality education.

With the massive gaps that exist in the Zimbabwean Education system and primary school completion rates as low as 55% in 2012 and only an estimated 50% going on to secondary school, there is a great need to provide an innovative solution that will enhance the education and the academic results of students in Zimbabwean primary schools. To ensure that we reach students in the most disadvantaged schools, we have developed a sustainable, low cost, high quality education model, which is scalable across the nation of Zimbabwe. [1]

Must Know About Ruzivo Digital Learning

  • The platform is available online and can be accessed on any device with internet capability.
  • Ruzivo sets topical explanations, exercises and tests for Grade 1 to 7 Maths, English and Science developed by internal content development team based on the Zimbabwean curriculum.
  • Ruzivo works to have its content endorsed by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s Curriculum Development Unit (CDU). Content for Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 Mathematics and Science is endorsed by the CDU.
  • The platform has individual student log in capability thereby allowing each student to learn at their own pace.
  • Ruzivo Digital Learning assesses students understanding as they practice and generates detailed performance reports to give you valuable insight about your students' abilities.
  • Ruzivo Digital Learning reports are automatically generated for parents, guardians to track the performance of their child.
  • The model is also transferable and applicable to the government school system where the majority of disadvantaged students study.
  • Ruzivo Digital Learning enables a blended learning model. Which allows a combination of classroom teaching and online educational technology, designed to meet the specific needs of each student.
  • The platform is interactive and aims to ensure that students are more motivated, engaged and independent in their learning, leading to enhanced academic performance.
  • Students can access the platform anytime anywhere.



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