Samansco Industries

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Samansco Industries is a Zimbabwean company, opened in 1982 in Masvingo, to deal in renewable energy and appropriate technologies for African conditions. In 1987 they installed the largest (at that time) Solar Thermal Installation in Central and Southern Africa at the National Technology Institute in Malawi. In 1989, they installed the first solar powered street light in Zimbabwe, in Gutu. In 1990, they opened an office in Harare. In 1999, they opened a regional office in Lusaka. They operate all over central and southern Africa and by 2019 had installed 55 000 systems in 17 countries. Samansco’s specific focus is Solar Electricity (Photo Voltaic) power (PV).


Contact Details

Samansco Industries

331 Samora Machel Avenue, Eastlea, Harare.

Tel: (+263) 242 442645 / 242 480484,

Cell: (+263) 712600245 / 778 377055

[1] Samansco Website


  • Solar batteries,
  • Solar panels,
  • Solar charge controllers,
  • Solar street lights,
  • Solar portable lights,
  • Solar inverters,
  • Solar water pumps.