Sarah Mahoka
Sarah Mahoka, Zimbabwean Politician
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DiedFebruary 17, 2022(2022-02-17) (aged 55)
Cause of deathCar Accident
Known forBeing Outspoken
Political partyNational Patriotic Front

Sarah Mahoka was an outspoken former member of the ZANU-PF Party and also the former legislator for Hurungwe East. Mahoka was also Zanu PF Mashonaland West Women’s League chairperson. She was expelled from parliament in terms of Section 129 (1) (k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe after ZANU-PF informed the National Assembly that she was no longer a member of the party. [1]. She contested in July 2018 elections as part of the National Patriotic Front party but lost to Ngoni Masenda

Mahoka's literacy

In March 2013, it was reported that despite being an MP, Mahoka was illiterate - that is she is unable to read and write. Mahoka herself volunteered the information while giving evidence during the trial of Temba Mliswa. "“I have repeatedly told this court that I went up to Grade 2 and, therefore, I cannot read,” [2]. This may, however, have been an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for a statement she had made to the police.

However, according to her profile filed at Parliament, she went through Nyatiso Primary School and Goredema Secondary School. Mahoka also did book-keeping and receptionist courses.[3]

Involvement in Zanu-PF succession fights in 2015

As the Zanu-PF succession fights raged on with key figures like Jonathan Moyo and George Charamba using the press and social media to attack each other, Mahoka said at Zanu-PF public gathering before a Politburo sitting:

We will not brook any nonsense particularly people denigrating our leader as women. We are being used and we are not fighting the leadership even if you choose a person we hate we will accept. Herald is lying. We have not said anyone must be fired. People must {not} play with your name [[[Emmerson Mnangagwa]]] and you keep quiet. You must stop it!. Do not act like a duck, speak against it, abuse of your name. There is no problem with you VP Mphoko, We are violated in your name. We are not saying Mnangagwa must be removed but his people are speaking. I am ready to die for the party and Mugabe. You will die because of this.[4]

Sarah Mahoka's Speech on 10 February 2016

Death Threats

It has been alleged that someone had been sent to kill Mahoka.In response she had this to say:

“Yes, I heard that someone had been sent to kill me and I phoned him. His name is Maburutse, but the guy denied the allegations. We don’t care even if they send people to kill us. I said it before that they must come out and declare their interests. Some of us are prepared to die for President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe. If you go against President Mugabe hazviite zvakanaka, unenge wandibaya panyama nhete (if you fight Mugabe you are also fighting us). God is the one who gives life, so I don’t care if they even consult n’angas handitye munhu ini kunze kwaMwari. Munhu hapana zvaanondiita (I don’t fear anyone including those who consult witch doctors, I only fear God). This is a free Zimbabwe and we want to live peacefully. So, this issue of threatening each other must stop now.

Corruption Allegations

Eunice Sandi Moyo and Mahoka were allegedly involved in a money saga believed that they extorted from business people, corporates and local prophets in the name of First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe and the party. Prior to the discussion of the matter in a politburo meeting the pair is alleged to have resigned from the Zanu PF Womens League leaving many to believe that they were guilty of the allegations.


Many of Zanu PF members, particularly from the women’s league, staged demonstrations across the country in March 2017 demanding the expulsion of the Sarah Mahoka and Eunice Moyo in what analysts has termed reorganisation of a faction of the ruling party known as G40 pushing for the First Lady to succeed President Robert Mugabe. It was reported that after the women’s league national executive meeting the two were sacked.

Hiding Place for Job Sikhala

The house believed to belong to the late National Patriotic Front member Sarah Mahoka was where Job Sikhala was hiding in Tynwald North suburb in Harare in the run up to the planned July 2020 protest. The house was leased out through an Estate Agent.[5] [6]

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Sarah Mahoka died in a road traffic accident on 17 February 2022 evening at Buffalo Downs near Karoi Town. She was involved in a head-on collision with a haulage truck that encroached onto her lane. Mahoka was reportedly travelling towards Karoi while the haulage truck was facing Harare.[7] She died on admission at Karoi Hospital.

Her husband, her son and their driver were involved in the accident and admitted to Karoi Hospital. Mahoka reportedly spent the day in Mhondoro learning how to grow industrial hemp with other farmers.[8]


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