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Seke Teachers' College
Box SK 4116120 Mangwende Rd, Seke, Chitungwiza
Chitungwiza, Harare Metropolitan Province, Zimbabwe, ,Box SK 4116120 Mangwende Rd . Seke, Chitungwiza
TypeTeachers' College
Educational authorityMinistry of Higher and Tertiary Education
CategoryTechnical Tertiary Institutions
PrincipalMr E.N Mutubuki
Medium of languageEnglish
Campus4116120 Mangwende Rd . Seke, Chitungwiza
SloganPacing for Graeter Heights
Contact details:

Seke Teachers' College is an institution which trains aspiring primary school teachers. It is controlled by the government and it is located in Chitungwiza about 26 kilometres south-east of Harare.

Establishment and Growth

The college began to operate in January 1981 after the idea of constructing a teachers' training college was mooted in 1978. The government realised that Chitungwiza was gradually developing hence a number of new primary and secondary schools were springing up, due to the increase in population which was taking place. The construction of the college was also in line with the newly inaugurated government's (in 1980) policy of ensuring education for all Zimbabweans by the year 2000.

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The college set off by enroling 266 re-service students registered for a three-year programme for the Certificate in Education. On 4 January 1982, the college was granted full status as an Associate College of Education retrospectively with effect from 1 January 1981. In January 1982, the second batch of students was admitted. In 1983, the college introduced the two-year in-service programme for the same Certificate in Education. In 2004, the college introduced the ECD programme to substitute the Infant Education becoming the first teacher's college in the country to offer the Diploma in Education with the specialization in Early Childhood Development. In 2009, the college trained Namibian students for the Diploma in Early Childhood Development.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma in Education are five Ordinary Levels subjects with C or better including Mathematics and English Language.[1] Those who would have completed their Advanced Level studies, National Certificates or National and Higher Diplomas are also enrolled, of which these qualifications are added advantages.


  1. Theory of Education
  2. Teaching Practice and Professional Studies
  3. Early Childhood Development
  4. Humanities and Languages
  5. Mathematics and Science
  6. Expressive Arts and I.C.T.[2]


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