Sentinel Ranch Dinosaur Fossils

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Sentinel Ranch Dinosaur Fossils

Sentinel Ranch Dinosaur Fossils is a geological site in Matebeleland South Province

Why Visit

  • A number of Massospondylus fossils have been found in the Forest Sandstones and the Upper Karroo sandstones of Zimbabwe, one of them is the most *complete skeleton of Massospondylus discovered and can be viewed in its almost intact state with the hind-end uppermost at Sentinel Ranch.
  • Gastroliths or Gizzard stones have been found in the stomachs of these fossils.
  • The geology and scenery plus the wildlife make a visit worthwhile and interesting with Sentinel Ranch and Nottingham Estate adjacent to each other.

When to visit

Open Monday to Saturday 0800 – 1700, but an appointment is necessary


An entrance fee is chargeable Zimbabwe Scenic Sites