Seshi Chonco

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Dr Seshi Chonco is a South African businessman and the former husband of King Goodwill Zwelithini's daughter Princess Nombuso Zulu.


Seshi Chonco is from Ashdown near Pietermaritzburg.

Marriage to Princess Nombuso Zulu

He met Princess Nombuso Zulu at a function in Durban in 2002. The couple divorced in 2007, with Chonco citing “irreconcilable differences”.[1]


His lover Nelisiwe Majozi allegedly died after fasting for too long. Majozi’s partially decomposed body was found in her Pietermaritzburg flat in January 2011, and there were newspaper reports that she had been fasting non-stop for 40 days.

Chonco dismissed claims that Majozi fasted for 40 days. He said she started fasting on the fourth and she passed away on the seventh. Seshi Chonco further said Majozi could have slipped on the bathroom tiles and fallen, hitting her head on the bathtub as there was blood all over.[1]

A source who wished to remain anonymous said pathologists found there were no signs of injury and her stomach was empty. She said the blood coming from Majozi’s mouth was a result of decomposition. An inquest docket was opened.

Majozi was the daughter of inkosi Sphiwe Majozi of AmaQamu tribal authority in Camperdown.[2]


Chonco was able to register at the University of Zululand (Ongoye) for a degree in law and economics in 1979 after he was sponsored by a philanthropist. On completing his degree he was awarded a Fullbright scholarship and did honours at the University of California in the US before returning to Ongoye for a PhD.[1]


Seshi Chonco started off his working life as a gardener having been expelled from a high school. He managed to attend university courtesy of a sponsorship from a philanthropist and a scholarship.

After completing his university studies he lectured at the University of California, Michigan State University and several South African universities. After serving as a lecturer, Chonco began work in the corporate sector, advising on issues such as corporate visions and business strategy. He served as managing director of the state-owned arms manufacturer, Denel, general manager at Sasol and an executive director of Caltex Oil.

In 2005 he was director of Sethaba Holdings with BEE interest in various companies including TEC Electrical and Roman Protection Solutions, a business acquisitions company.[1]


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