Shacky Tauro

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Shacky Tauro

Shacky Tauro (born Shackman Tauro on 28 June 1959 and died on 17 June 2009) was one of the most prolific footballers to grace the Zimbabwean local football scene. Tauro was regarded by many as the 'hero' of local football. His career came to a halt as a result of a knee injury in 1988 and he became a coach. He earned the nickname Mr Goals because of his extra-ordinary goal scoring instincts. He was married to Viola and the two had six children.


As a young boy growing up in the ghetto, Tauro was already a football fanatic whose career was nurtured at Zororo Youth Centre in Highfield.[1] During this time, he was still doing his primary education at Rusvingo Primary School in Highfield. In 1972, when he was 14, Tauro joined CAPS Rovers (which later became CAPS United Football Club) which was playing in the Third Division League, which was regarded as the lowest league in the country.[1]

On his first training day as a CAPS Rover's player, Tauro scored a hat-trick and this worked to his advantage.[1] In 1977, the team was promoted to play in the First League and Tauro was credited for this achievement because of his goal scoring expertise. On 2 June 1977, Tauro scored 6 goals when his team was playing against Kaizer Chiefs and in 1982, he scored 28 goals. He was unanimously crowned as Mr Strong Top Goal Scorer. [1]

On 21 April 1980, Tauro netted the winning goal which saw the defeat of Zambia by Zimbabwe at Rufaro Stadium during the Independence Trophy Match.[1] Tauro was also part of the CAPS United team which managed to clinch the Natbrew Castle Cup for 4 consecutive times.

Coaching Career

After the devastating knee injury of 1988, Tauro turned over to a new leaf, this time to be a coach. In March 1994, he was at Blackpool, in 1996, he was at Arcadia United and in 2006 he returned back to CAPS United Football Club after which he went to Circle United.[1] Form Circle United, he was appointed to coach the Zimbabwe Women's National Team (the Mighty Warriors). Upon the time of his death he was at Shooting Stars.[2]


Yesmore Mutero who was one of the Mighty Warriors players stated that Mighty Warriors players were vulnerable to abuse as Tauro was notorious of proposing love to his players.[3] Mutero also argued that Tauro infected him with the HIV virus. In the wake of all this fiasco, Tauro resigned from his post as the coach of the Might Warriors. He also denied Mutero's allegations on the basis that she was bitter because he had dropped her from the list of the players who were to go to South Africa for the Women's Championship.[3]


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