Sibusiso Moyo
OccupationMillitary Official,General
EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe
Political partyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Spouse(s)Loice Matanda Moyo

Sibusiso Busi Moyo (SB Moyo) is a Zimbabwean politician. Moyo became famous when he appeared on national television in the early hours of 15 November 2017, announcing the military intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. In Nov 2017, he was named Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. In Dec. 2017, Moyo retired to pursue a career in politics.

Personal Details

He was born in Munene Mission Hospital, Mberengwa in 1960. Third of eight children. Father, Mr Cephas John Moyo.

He is married to High Court Judge Justice Loice Matanda Moyo


Masters in Business Administration; Zimbabwe Open University.
Masters in International Relations; University of Zimbabwe.
Moyo holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe.[1]

He is said to be a holder of a PhD in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe,


He left (the phrase "were taken" is used) Manama Secondary School at Form Three to join the liberation struggle via Botswana. With his cousin, (now) Air Marshal Elson Moyo. He joined Zipra. He attended a military course at Zambian Military Academy , Kohima in 1977. [2] <ref=The Herald> [4], Meet Sibusiso B. Moyo…The man who read Mugabe the riot act, Published: 21 April 2018, Retreived 27 August 2019 </ref>

January 2016 - promoted, Brigadier General to Major General.
15 November 2017 - Makes statement. Earns nickname "General Bae"
30 November 2017 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Incumbent Walter Mzembi)
December 2017 - retired from ZNA as Lt General.


2008 Elections

Sibusiso Moyo, is mentioned in a 2011 report by Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe entitled “The military factor in Zimbabwe’s political and electoral affairs” which, among other things, highlights the violent role played by the military in the 2008 presidential election run-off. The report says Moyo commanded the military operation in the Midlands Province. Former president Robert Mugabe promoted him from Brig General to Major General last year. [3] [4]


SB Moyo was mentioned in a major United Nations report on the plundering of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the war in 1990s. The report alleges that the then speaker of Parliament and former security minister, now president Emmerson Mnangagwa, was the key strategist for Zimbabwe’s business involvement in the DRC. The report says Moyo was the Director General of COSLEG, the company involved in exploiting diamond mining, logging and banking in the DRC. The new minister of agriculture, Air Marshall Perence Shiri, is mentioned in the report as being responsible for military procurement and organising air support for the pro-Kinshasa armed groups fighting in the eastern DRC at the time. [5]

November 2017 Military Takeover

For the full article on the military takeover of November 2017, please click here

After the military took over broadcasting at ZBC on 14 November 2017, Moyo issued a statement on TV early morning on 15 November assuring Zimbabweans and the world that Mugabe and his family were safe and that they had not staged a coup but were targeting 'criminal' that had surrounded Mugabe. Sentiment in the media however was that the operation was effectively a coup.

Around 4am, Maj-Gen Moyo accompanied by Air Vice Marshal Shebba Brighton Shumbayaonda, were surprise visitors to ZTV. Without wasting time, Maj-Gen Moyo dropped a bombshell, announcing that the military had intervened to restore order in the country. <ref=The Herald> [5], Meet Sibusiso B. Moyo…The man who read Mugabe the riot act, Published: 21 April 2018, Retreived 27 August 2019 </ref>


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