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Samuel Mumbengegwi
BornSamuel Simbaneduku Mumbengegwi
(1945-07-20) July 20, 1945 (age 75)
Chivi, Masvingo
  • Politician
Known forBeing a Cabinet Minister
ChildrenChivandire (son), Tandiwe (daughter), Dzivaidzo(daughter), Haruperi(daughter), and Liniah(daughter)
Parent(s)Chivandire Mumbengegwi and Dzivaidzo Shuvai Mumbengegwi
RelativesSamuel Mumbengegwi (brother)

Simbarashe Simbanenduku Mumbengegwi is a Zimbabwean politician who serves under the ruling party the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). He is the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and , Government Programmes.


Mumbengegwi was born on the 20th of July in 1945 in Chivi district of Masvingo province in Zimbabwe. He belongs to the crop of politicians who were born in colonial Rhodesia at the height of colonial rule. He is married and has five children Chivandire, Tandiwe, Dzivaidzo, Haruperi, and Liniah.[1] His brother Samuel Mumbengegwi died in June 2016. Like most his most contemporaries, Mumbengegwi grew in colonial Rhodesia in Masvingo province, an area which experienced colonial brutality at the hands of the Rhodesian security forces.

Educational Background

  1. Lower Primary at Mukotosi School, Mashava Communal Area, Zimbabwe, 1953-56.
  2. Higher Primary atGresham School, Zvishavane, 1957-59.
  3. Junior Certificate at Dadaya Mission, Zvishavane, 1960-61.
  4. G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Certificate, First Division Pass with Distinction in English and Mathematics, at Fletcher High School,Gweru, Zimbabwe, 1962-63.
  5. G.C.E. ‘A’ Level Certificate with Distinction in History atFletcher High School, Gweru, Zimbabwe, 1964-65.
  6. B.A. (General) Degree at Manash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1967-69.
  7. B.A. (Combined Honours) Degree in Politics and History at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1971.
  8. Diploma in Education (Dip.Ed.) at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1972.
  9. Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed.) at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1973–76
  10. Masters Degree in Public Administration at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe on a Part-time basis, 1987-90.[1]

Early Political Career

Second Chimurenga

Mumbengegwi joined the earliest nationalist movement the National Democratic Party (NDP) as a member of the Youth League from around 1960 to 1961. It was during this period when he became active in denouncing colonial aggression and inequality together with other youth of his time. In 1962, he became a Member of the Youth League of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) under the leadership of Joshua Nkomo and Josiah Chinamano. He belongs to the first crop of nationalist politician who joined the Zimbabwe African National Union party at its formation in 1963. During this period, he worked under the youth wing off the party which was mainly responsible for demonstration and carrying out sabotage attack against the ruling Rhodesian Front party.[1]

When ZANU began to take a militant form against colonial rule, Mumbengegwi together with other nationalist went into exile for fear of arrest and torture by the Rhodesian security force. He was based in the Far East and Australia where he also became ZANU deputy representative for Asia and Australia from 1973 to 1976. Toward the end of the liberation struggle, he became ZANU’s representative in Lusaka, Zambia, where he coordinated united talks between ZANU and the sister revolutionary party ZAPU. He worked in Zambia between 1978 and 1980.[1]

Post Independence Political Career

Mumbengegwi was one of the ZANU hardliners who went on to assume influential positions in the post-war era. He became the provincial treasurer for the Midlands province in the ZANU PF party. Four years later, Mumbengegwi was elevated into the ZANU PF central committee representing Midlands Province. From 1984 to 1989 he also worked at the Deputy Secretary forPublicity and Information in the Central Committee of ZANU PF.[1]

Positions Held

  1. 1980-85 : Member of Parliament (MP) for the Midlands Province
  2. 1985-90 : Member of Parliament for Shurugwi Constituency, Midlands Province
  3. 1980-81 : Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees, House of Assembly, Parliament of Zimbabwe
  4. 1981-82 : Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  5. 1982 : Minister of Water Resources and Development
  6. 1982-84 : Minister of National Housing
  7. 1984-88 : Minister of Public Construction and National Housing
  8. 1988-90 : Minister of Transport
  9. 1990-95 : Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United Nations, New York.
  10. 1990-91 : Vice President of the United Nations General Assembly
  11. 1991-92 : Member of the United Nations Security Council
  12. 1991 : President of the United Nations Security Council at the height of the Gulf War (February)
  13. 1992 : President of the United Nations Security Council (April)
  14. 1995 : Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Permanent Representative to the European Communities (EU) Brussels
  15. 1997-99 : Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the Hague
  16. 1997-99 : Member of the Executive Council of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, (OPCW), the Hague
  17. 1997-98 : Chairman of the Conference of the State Parties of the O.P.C.W.
  18. 1998-99 : Alternate Governor of the Common Fund for Commodities, Amsterdam
  19. 1997-98 : Chairman of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Committee on Sugar
  20. 1989-99 : Member of ACP Troika on ACP-EU Negotiations
  21. 1999 : Chairman of the A.C.P. Committee of Ambassadors
  22. 1999: Chairman of the ACP-EU Central Negotiating Group on a Post Lome IV Cooperation Agreement Beyond the year 2000
  23. 1999-2003 : High Commissioner of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
  24. 1999-2005 : Ambassador of the Republic Zimbabwe to the Republic of Ireland
  25. 2003-2005 : Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
  26. 2005 : Non-Constituency Member of Parliament
  27. 2005 : Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe
  28. 2014: Secretary for External Affairs in the ZANU PF party.[1]
  29. 2016:Minister of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion


He participated in numerous high level meeting organised by the African Union as an observer and senior minister. He was also the head of the council of minister for the ADC region conference held in Victoria Falls in 2014. He ha also served in various capacities in various regional and international bodies such a United Nation, African Union, Organisation of African Union, Non Aligned Countries, SADC, and COMESA.[2] In 2014, Mumbengegwi was given a new role in the ZANU PF party as the secretary for external affairs. This came as part of the party’s restructuring process after the expulsion of cadres loyal to the former vice president Joice Mujuru. Although he was earlier on believed to be loyal to the fired vice president, he survived the expulsions which characterised the party towards the ZANU PF People’s Congress which was held in Harare in December 2014.

Controversies and Accusations

When he was the minister of foreign affairs, he was accused of incompetence after Grace Mugabe was refused a visa to go to Belgium for a United Nations Conference. He was accused by his deputy Christopher Mutsvangwa for humiliating the first lady by applying for the visa when he knew very well that the application will be turned down.[3]


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