Simon Khaya Moyo
Sk moyo.jpg
BornSimon Khaya Moyo
(1945-10-01) October 1, 1945 (age 76)
Plumtree, Zimbabwe
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe.
  • Current Minister of Media ,& Broadcasting Services
  • Secretary for Information and Publicity in ZANU PF
Years active1968–present
Spouse(s)Margaret Mhambi
ChildrenKhanyisa and Mandlenkosi

Simon Khaya Moyo is a politician and spokesperson of ZANU-PF and the current Minister of Media,Information and Broadcasting Services He is a former ambassador of Zimbabwe to South Africa.


He was born on the 1st of October 1945. He was enrolled at Fletcher Secondary School up to 1965. Moyo had been married to Sibonokhuhle until 2013 when the couple divorced. They had two sons Khanyisa and Mandlenkosi. He then married a Bulawayo business woman Margaret Mhambi in 2013.[1]

Political career

Khaya-Moyo joined the nationalist movement in 1968 as a member of the Zimbabwe African People's Union(ZAPU). He left the country in 1968 heading to Zambia. Whilst in Zambia, senior officials of ZAPU agreed to send Khaya-Moyo to school. He was enrolled at the University of Zambia and in 1969 he graduated with a diploma in Social Sciences.[2] He received military training in Russia and Cuba and he attended the Malt, Geneva and Lancaster Conference which resulted in the Lancaster House Agreement together with Joshua Nkomo.[2]

After 1980, he became an assistant secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and in 1983, he was appointed to be an under secretary in the Ministry of Justice. In 1989, he was elected to be a member in the ZANU PF's Central Committee.[2] In March 1990, he became the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bulilima Mangwe South constituency. Two years later, he became the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce. In September 1994, he was appointed to be the Deputy Secretary for Administration in ZANU PF. Between July 1997 and July 2000, Khaya-Moyo was the Deputy Secretary for Legal Affairs in ZANU PF.[2]

In 2007 he was appointed Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa, a post he held until 2011. He was in 2013 cleared to be the second Vice-President after the death of John Nkomo in that year. His appointment was pursuant to the Unity Accord of 1987 that requires one vice president to be a former Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) official. He was appointed to be the Senior Minister in the President's Office without a specific portfolio in 2013. This triggered political analysts to conclude that he was not going to be the next vice president.[3]

He became one of the first ZANU PF officials to openly declare that there were factions in the party.[4] Moyo's utterances and stance were neccessiated by the fact that the media revealed that there were two factions within the party. One of the two factions was headed by Vice President Joice Mujuru who was sucked after the ZANU PF 6th National Conferrence that was held in December 2014 and the other byEmmerson Mnangagwa who was by then the Minister of Defence, who was appointed to replace Mujuru after the party's congress..


He divorced his wife Sibonokhuhle Getrude Ngwenya in 2013 accusing her of infidelity. The couple had been married for more than 30 years. He openly stated that there was no longer sexual intimacy between them because his wife was bedding another man.[5] The couple had been married since 1980.

Major Successes

He adopted a 12-year old boy, Prime Ndlovu in Matobo village in 2013. He promised to cater his educational needs up to university level.[6]

Bidding for the Vice Presidency

Khaya-Moyo's bid for the presidency began as early as 2011 after the death of John Nkomo who was the then country's vice president. According the the Unity Accord of 1987, the second vice president post in the ZANU PF government should be reserved for an senior ex-ZAPU cadre.[7] This has always been the tradition that was never broken as people like Joshua Nkomo, Joseph Msika and John Nkomo followed the hierarchy to be part of the presidium as vice presidents of the country.

Furthermore, Khaya-Moyo was also appointed to the position of national chairman of the ZANU PF party which seemed to be a step closer to the vice presidency post. This elevation raised hopes that Moyo was destined for the presidium. However, Khaya Moyo was smart enough not to publicly register his interest for the post

Bid Hits Brick wall

Moyo's bid for a post in the presidium was resisted by some senior members of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU).[7] Retired General Ambrose Mutinhiri and Naison Kutshwekaya distanced themselves from a meeting held on 22 September in 2013 which is believed to have endorsed Moyo for the vice presidency post.[7] These two later on revealed that they did not support the move although they actually attended the meeting.

Factionalism Allegations

In a party infested with factionalism and divisive politics, Khaya Moyo was not left out in the accusations. He was accused of being one of the senior party members behind the Mujuru faction which was fronting for the elevation of vice president Joice Mujuru to become the country's president. He was believed to be working together with the likes of Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa and Amos Midzi campaigning for Mujuru.[7]

In relation to this, some members of the Matebeleland South Provincial Co-coordinating Committee (PCC) saved Khaya-Moyo from losing his seat in the Central Committee. These members blocked a motion to veto Khaya-Moyo's nomination in the committee.[8] Some disgruntled war veterans from Matebeleland South wanted Khaya-Moyo to be purged as they argued that he was dining with the enemy (Mujuru). An unidentified executive member from Khaya-Moyo's province stated that

The cleansing of the party is on going. Ambassador Simon Khaya-Moyo is one of the most serious pretenders. He is one of the architects of factionalism. He also lies that he is the most senior surviving ex-member of ZAPU, yet he is not[8]

Notwithstanding this, in November 2014, Khaya-Moyo was appointed to be the ZANU PF party's acting spokesperson at a politburo meeting held at the party headquarters in Harare. This was after the dismissal of Rugare Gumbo who was given a five year suspension on allegations of fanning factionalism in the party.

After the ZANU PF 6th National People's Conference which was held in December which buttressed the demise of those who were perceived to be supporting Mujuru, Khaya-Moyo was amongst the few Mujuru allies who survived the chop. It was allegedly reported that Khaya-Moyo together with Sydney Sekeramayi apologised to Mugabe who is believed to have pardoned them.[9] Khaya-Moyo was however demoted as he was appointed to be the party's Secretary of Information and Publicity from his position of as National Chairman which was never filled. Khaya-Moyo's demotion has been regarded as a form of punishment that was meted on him by the party, especially by Mugabe.

As the party's Secretary for Information and Publicity

As the party's new Secretary for Information and Publicity, Khaya-Moyo was criticised for not speaking out about the party's stance after Mutasa issued out a press statement which was entitled Members of Zanu PF statement to the citizens of Zimbabwe. Khaya-Moyo revealed that he was to break the silence when he resumes his duty.[10]

Appointment as Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services

On 9 October 2017 the Predident of the ruling party Robert Mugabe reshuffled his cabinet and Simon Khaya Moyo was appointed as the Minister of Media,Information and Broadcasting services.


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