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* [[Winky D]]
* [[Winky D]]
==Army Regalia==
Jah Prayzah and is band wear army regalia sometimes that resembling that worn by the [[Zimbabwe National Army]]. In 2013, Jah Prayzah, explained that he had sought clearance from the army to wear military camouflage. He said then that he had at least 20 military fatigues. The clothes are supplied him from Europe and a designer in South Africa.<ref name="jahmilitary-herald">[ Jah Prayzah speaks on army regalia], ''The Herald'', Retrieved:15 Jan 2015</ref>
As Jah Prayzah is a brand ambassador for the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, it has generally been thought that he has clearance to wear the fatigue.
==Possession Rumours==
Fans of Jah Prayzah started speculating that he gets possessed during live performances. Some also claimed that the depth of lyrics does not belong to his generation of Shona speakers. However Jah Prayzah's father has attributed the depth of his Shona to the novels he used to read during his childhood, <blockquote>"I believe the depth of his Shona lines came from the novels he read when he was growing up. I was a headmaster at Magunje School in Murewa and I had a library at home that had many books. He enjoyed reading Shona novels and he used to steal my books."</blockquote>
His mother also denied the possession rumours by saying, <blockquote>"Many people have asked me of the possibility that my son gets possessed. I often laugh at that inquiry because I never thought he would be put in that bracket. People that get possessed usually have complications during birth or childhood. I never had serious problems with Mukudzei. I gave birth to him through normal delivery at Nyadire Mission Hospital and he grew up experiencing normal problems associated with infancy. There was nothing complicated. I discovered he was talented when he sang at church. Everyone wanted him to lead in many songs."</blockquote>
People also speculated that Jah Prayzah gets possessed when he sings the traditional song ''Goto Rinehwema'' but Jah Prayzah dismissed the claims by saying, <blockquote>"When I sing a love song, I want people to feel the love. It is the same with that song. I perform it in a way that it would be performed at a traditional ceremony. I act as the elders at a ritual ceremony do and it appears so real to my fans. They conclude that I get possessed."</blockquote>
<ref name="Hera"> [ Does Jah Prayzah get possessed on stage], ''Herald'', published: June 24, 2016, retrieved: June 24, 2016</ref>
Jah Prayzah has done successful collaborations with musicians of various genres such as [[Oliver Mtukudzi]]. [[Soul Jah Love]], [[Sulumani Chimbetu]], [[Progress Chipfumo]] among others. On the New Year’s Eve of 2013, on the popular radio top hundred count down hosted by [[Radio Zimbabwe]], Jah Prayzah took all top three spots with songs Gotchi Gotchi, Maria and Chirangano, the first time ever for this to happen."<ref name="jah website"/> His fame earned him ambassador status for the following companies:
*''[[Population Services International Zimbabwe]] (PSI)''
*''[[Zimbabwe Defense Forces]] - Culture Ambassador''
*''[[Chicken Slice]] - Brand Ambassador''
*''[[Champions Insurance]] - Brand Ambassador''
*''[[Savanna Tobacco]] Brand Ambassador''-the artist was in January 2015 endorsed to become one of the brand ambassadors for Savanna Tobacco joining other fellow musicians, [[Tocky Vibes]], [[Sulumani Chimbetu]] among others.
*NAMA 2013 award for song of the year – Gotchi Gotchi
*2013 Zimbabwe Peace ambassador award
*NAMA 2014 Awards - Outstanding Album Tsviriyo
*NAMA 2014 Awards - Outstanding Song Tsviriyo
*NAMA 2014 Awards - Outstanding Male Artist Jah Prayzah
*NAMA 2014 Awards - Outstanding Video Mwanasikana
*NAMA 2014 Awards - People’s Choice Jah Prayzah
*NAMA people’s choice award
*NAMA male artist of the year
*Zim Dream Online award- 2014
==MTV Africa Music Awards==
Jah Prayzah became the first Zimbabwean to win an MTV African Music Award when he won the award in the Listeners choice category on 22 October 2016.
===Picture Gallery===
File:Jah-Prayzah2.jpg|Jah Prayzah
File:Jah-Prayzah-With-Mic.jpg|Jah Prayzah
File:Jah-Prayzah-Soldier.jpg|Jah Prayzah in Military Regalia
File:Jah-Prayzah-on-stage.jpg|Jah Prayzah on stage
File:Jah-Prayzah-on-stage-with-band-members.jpg|Jah Prayzah with Third Generation Band members on stage
File:Jah-Prayzah-Oliver-tuku-Mtukudzi.jpg|Jah Prayzah with Oliver Mtukudzi on stage
File:Jah-Prayzah-Oliver-Mtukudzi.jpg|Jah Prayzah shares stage with Oliver Mtukudzi
File:Jah-Prayzah-Band-Dance-Routine.jpg|Jah Prayzah performs dance routine with band members
File:Jah-Prayzah-and-band_members.jpg|Jah Prayzah with some band members
File:Jah-Prayzah-and-band-members.jpg|Jah Prayzah photo with band members
File:Jah-Prayzah-Circumcision.jpg|Jah Prayzah at a Circumcision Centre during the "Get Circumcised" Campaign.
File:Jah-Prayzah-on-stage3.jpg|Jah Prayzah on stage
==Music Videos==
{{#ev:youtube||360||Mdhara vachauya (Official Video)|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||360||Jah Prayzah Ft. Diamond Platnumz - Watora Mari (Official Video)|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||360||Jah Prayzah Eriza Video|frame|}}
'''His Current Album: Mudhara Vachauya (2016)'''
<shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="2072d56d727cdce7be1386d5b9fa29ca6a8ae5a39f103f076b463831831706a5"><iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true"></iframe></shtml>
{{#ev:youtube||450||Jah Prayzah - Kumbumura Mhute (Official Video)|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||450||Makanika (Official Video)|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||450||Moyo Wakaoma|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||450||KURE KURE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - feat [[Ammara Brown]]|frame|}}
{{#ev:youtube||450||Yambuka Rukova Feat [[Progress Chipfumo]]|frame|}}
Jah Prayzah's music suffered a huge blow in December 2014 when he was accused of pirating a song by a Ghananian musician Emmanuel Samini. Media reports alleged that the Ghananian musician released the song in 2007 and Jah Prayzah went on to use the beat without acknowledging the owner of the song. He used the beat for his award winning song Sisi Makachena which won awards for the [[Zimbabwe Music Awards]] in 2013.<ref name="newzim">R. Mukondiwa, [ Jah Prayzah 'stole' award winning song],''New Zimbabwe'', published:8 Dec 2014,retrieved:24 Dec 2014"</ref>
===Affair with Henrietta Rushwaya?===
In November 2015, photos of Jah Prayzah and former [[ZIFA]] chief executive [[Henrietta Rushwaya]] appeared online showing the two in a cosy position, enjoying each other's company.<ref name="NewsdayAffair">PROBLEM MASAU, [ JahPrayzah, Henrietta pics stir controversy], ''Newsday'', Published: 5 Nov 2015, Retrieved: 5 Nov 2015</ref> His wife would brush off the alleged affair saying that there was nothing to it and when she had first heard of it some time back, they'd dealt with it.<ref name=""NehandaAffair">[ Jah Prayzah’s wife shrugs off leaked pictures], ''Nehanda Radio'', Published: 5 Nov 2015, Retrieved: 5 Nov 2015</ref>
==Arrest in Shurugwi==
In February 2016, Jah Prayzah arrested in [[Gweru]] after allegedly fleeing police and [[Zimbabwe National Road Authority]] (Zinara) officials at a tollgate in [[Shurugwi]]. Jah Prayzah was allegedly driving an unregistered Mercedes Benz E320 and didn't want to the toll gate fee. When police caught up with him in Gweru he refused to make payment saying he was connected to senoir police officers. The police eventually made him pay after he had tried to call several police senoir police officers including National Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner [[Charity Charamba]].<ref name="th010"> [  Jah Prayzah arrested after tollgate fracas], ''The Herald, Published:1 March 2016, Retrieved: 01 June 2016''</ref> Jah Prayzah was generally criticised for being arrogant.
==Personal life==
Jah Prayzah is married to Rufaro Chiworeso with whom he has a son, Mukudzeyi Junior.
==Latest News==
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Slicker 1
BornFarai Makombe
(1987-07-04) July 4, 1987 (age 33)
Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
Years active2013 - present
Notable work
  • Paita party
  • Eriza
  • Tsviriyo
Parent(s)John Mukombe and Shirely Savanhu

Slicker 1, real name Farai Makombe, is a Zimbabwean contemporary musician and frontman for the band Third Generation.[1] He is popularly referred to by fans and media as "Musoja", Shona for "the soldier", a name he earned mostly because of his signature band uniform of military regalia. He was born and raised in Harare, a small town about 95 km from Harare.[1]

Discography: Albums

  1. Culture Shocked (2016)



Music career

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