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  • |honorific_prefix = Producer | occupation = Music Producer,Musician, Songwriter
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  • | occupation = Director, Producer, Rapper ...rbert Schwamborn''') is a Zimbabwean hip hop artists, music producer, film producer and entrepreneur who is based in Germany.
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  • Chiweddar is a Zimbabwean record producer, multi-instrumentalist who is currently signed to [[Jah Prayzah]]‘s [[Mil Chiweddar is both a live and digital producer, mix and mastering engineer, running on Logic Pro X who works alongside [[D
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  • ...ran [[Urban Grooves]] musician. The afropop singer, song writer and record producer is also the Founder of 119 Music. ...s an acronym for Shaun Tichaona Andrew Chitsiga. He is a rapper and record producer whose music is Afro-pop. His cousins influenced him to like music at a tend
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  • *Producer ...cious Ali born on the 20th of july 1996. Is a Zimbabwean multi genre music producer/keyboardist popularly known for V11 riddim which featured a number of Zimda
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  • | awards = Zimdancehall Best Producer Award 2013 '''Sunshine Studios''' is a record label and music production house which is has produced music for a number o
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  • '''Blush''' is a Zimbabwean musician and music producer who is part of the [[Urban Grooves]] pioneer group [[2BG]]. He was a co-fou ...''I Was Born To Make You Blush'' in 2011. He also returned to help [[2BG]] record ''Wandizadzisa''. Blush also penned ''Ndoda Iwe'', one of the songs that ma
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  • [[File:Nathan Chitenga.jpg|thumb|Nathan Chitenga]]'''Nathan Chitenga''' is a Zimbabwean born musician, the other half of the "Shame and Nathan" duo who parted ways ...Nathan. They worked with the late veteran producer [[Fortune Mparutsa]] to record their first song called ''I do'' in 1996, which was then released in 2001.
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  • | occupation = {{hlist|Record producer|Singer-songwriter}}</ref> is a [[Zimbabwean]] Record producer, Disc Jockey (DJ), entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mc'Lee Photography &
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  • ...y and master of ceremonies. He is a news anchor on Newzroom Afrika and the producer and host of COPE with Hugo. ...wean-sport-claims-zoc-chief Journalists have a key role to play in driving Zimbabwean sport, claims ZOC chief], ''Inside the Games'', Published: October 4, 2014,
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  • | origin = Zimbabwean|Zimbabwe] ...kufa (born July 13, 1998), [1] known professionally as [[Mcy Ghost]], is a Zimbabwean-South African raised and based rapper and songwriter. Growing up in South H
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  • | occupation = DJ, Record producer, Entrepreneur ...ry business is Kalawa Jazmee Records (formerly Kalawa Records), which is a record label with artists such as Mafikizolo in its stable.
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  • ...onceptualizes new ideas and approaches in promoting and showcasing local [[Zimbabwean]] music, African cultural heritage and talent from grassroots level to loca ...In Zimbabwe, Ramadu has teamed up with Tswarelo Mothobe (Poet, Musician & Producer) to expand and implement 10th District Music's objectives.
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  • {{Infobox record label '''Bodyslam Records''' is a Zimbabwean music production house. It is known for its special bias towards the [[Zimd
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  • *Music Producer. ...h born.<ref name="greedysouth">[ Russell Chiradza], ''Greedy South'', Published: N
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  • *Charles Coventry – Zimbabwean cricketer former holder of the ODI world record for the highest individual score *Mark Dekker – Zimbabwean cricketer
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  • ...hidzonga]]Munyaradzi ''Diamond Boy'' Chidzonga is a Zimbabwean actor, film producer, writer and businessman based in the capital city [[Harare]]. Chidzonga was ...l 2010"</ref> Chidzonga broke the record when he escaped elimination for a record 9 times in the [[Big Brother Africa]] reality television show. He won the h
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  • ...lie Kay.jpg|thumb|Charlie Kay]]'''Charlie Kay''' is a United Kingdom based Zimbabwean Afro pop artist. He has made a name for himself in diaspora largely due to ...a multi-talented London based Zimbabwean Musicpreneur, songwriter, record producer, label owner and Club DJ. He enrolled at the [[Zimbabwe College of Music]]
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  • | image = [[File:Solyd The Plug In DJ Booth.jpg|thumb|Music producer Solyd The Plug]] *Record Producer
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  • *Musician, Producer '''Sean Focus''' is a [[Zimbabwean]]-born musician based in Scotland.
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  • * [[Nyasha Hatendi]] (1998) - American actor and producer * [[Audius Mtawarira]] (1995) - Award winning Australian record producer.
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  • *Music Producer. ''' Delani Makhalima''' is a prolific Zimbabwean song writer, singer and producer. He made history by becoming the first artist to produce a full album featu
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  • ...-owned record label, 'High Density Records' in 1994 and becoming the first Zimbabwean musician to be nominated for the Kora Music Awards in 1997.<ref name="mob">, announced his grand entrance in the music industry in the 1990's as Producer and Musician with his label High-Density Studios. He had started learning t
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  • '''Sha Sha''', real name Charmaine “Sha-sha” Mapimbiro, is a [[Zimbabwean]] born singer based in South Africa. Narrating how she met South African musician and record producer DJ Maphorisa she said:
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  • ...[[Chimurenga]] genre which was already long established at the time. Music producer, [[Delani Makhalima]], is considered one of the key individuals that made t ...scovery contest for their single "Vadzimu" subsequently becoming the first Zimbabwean group to earn international recognition.
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  • *Music Producer. ...d Chidavaenzi has produced some of the best albums and singles for several Zimbabwean artists. He has produced award-winning songs such as [[Leonard Mapfumo]]'s
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  • ...g to the formation of the band Orchestra Ndoozvo. That is when he began to record music. From there Kapfupi never looked back. ...tandard', Published: 8 Mar 2011, Retrieved: 7 Apr 2014</ref> which saw him record his first album 'Uchakanga Waya'. The video for the song recived heavy rota
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  • *Music Producer | known_for = Being a [[Zimdancehall]] Music Producer
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  • *Producer '''Calvin Gudu''' is a Zimbabwean born musician. He rose to prominence when he collaborated on the hit single
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  • '''Classic Boyz''' is Zimbabwean afropop, RnB and hip-hop duo is composed of group after meeting Cwaxxy in Rujeko B back in 2014 but record has it that they performed and
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  • ...e, My Journey was recorded in Jamaica by Caveman Manning (Sizzla Kalonji's Producer) ..."zimbabwwean"/> His album Just Reggae-My Journey was produced by acclaimed producer Caveman Manning who also produces music for Jamaican star, Sizzla Kalonji.
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  • | alt = Tarisai Kunashe Vushe, Zimbabwean-Australian-Based Musician | nationality = Zimbabwean
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  • ...Makhalima''' is a popular multi talented Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and producer. Sanii is also among the pioneers of the [[Urban Grooves]] genre in [[Zimba ...produced over 1000 songs in his musical careers for other artists and as a producer, he has managed to produce close to 200 number 1 hits for other musicians.
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  • The '''Balance of Payments''' is a record of a country’s transactions with the rest of the world. It shows the rece ...rnational trade, net income on investments, and direct payments. This is a record of all payments for trade in goods and services plus income flow and it is
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  • | nationality = Zimbabwean, [[Mbira]] player and guitarist. She is the daughter of iconic Zimbabwean singer [[Andy Brown]].
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  • *Producer '''Clive Mono Mukundu''' is a Zimbabwean award winning guitarist and music producer. He is one of the most recorded artists in the country, having featured in
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  • '''Jnr Brown''' is an award winning Zimbabwean rapper who became popular in 2012 after releasing the hit song 'Madrinks' w ...wards]] (ZHHA). Brown also joined the talented rapper [[Tehn Diamond]] and producer [[Take Fizzo]] to form the group [[Few Kings]] which won two awards at the
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  • ...d not want me to be a musician whereas he was pursuing a career as a music producer and so I had to stay at home. producer Papa Lodza, she started doing cover songs which led her to record her own songs.<ref>
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  • *Producer '''Carl Joshua Ncube''' is a Zimbabwean stand-up comedian who has performed regionally and internationally as well
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  • |nationality = Zimbabwean *record producer
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  • '''Silent Killer''' is the stage name of a Zimbabwean [[Zimdancehall]] artist Jimmy Mudereri. He has been making Zimdancehall mus ...e titled Saga Redhobhu (Bag of Weed) at now established South Africa-based producer GT Beatz’s studio. Silent Killer recounted how his parents tried to encou
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  • *Music & Video Producer/director | nationality = [[Zimbabwean]]
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  • '''Nyasha Madzima''' is a Zimbabwean social and technological entrepreneur, web developer and cryptocurrency ent ...cts would perform. He roped in acclaimed South African based Zimbabwean Dj/producer [[Oskido]] as the headline act and advisor to local artists with a view to
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  • ...Green Arrows Band.jpg|thumb|Green Arrows]]The '''Green Arrows Band''' is a Zimbabwean band that was a favourite of many yesteryear music fans after they sang hit ...hat is when they met South African saxophonist West Nkosi and became their producer.<ref name="FB">Freedom Manatsa, [
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  • ''' Tanga wekwa Sando''' (born Ernest Tanga Kambadzo Sando) is a popular Zimbabwean township jazz artist. He gained popularity after releasing his debut album job. The heavens smiled on him resulting in him being hired at Tower Record Departmental Store in the Intelligence (Security) Section. He would work fo
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  • | nationality = Zimbabwean ...o-record-gospel-artists-for-free/ Passion Opens State Of The Art Studio To Record Gospel Artists For Free], ''The Financial Gazette'', Published: October 15,
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  • '''Zimdancehall''', is a Zimbabwean music genre with roots in the Jamaican tradition of reggae. The genre is kn ...Supa Power]] were the first sound system to push most of these artists to record their songs, starting first with dub plates the most popular being ''[[Soun
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  • | nationality = [[Zimbabwean]] ...imbabwean born multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer based in South Africa.
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  • '''Tytan''' is a Zimbabwean musician and manager who gained public attention after he did a duet with [ ..."Bho" which was accompanied by a video featuring [[Ex-Q]], [[Stunner]] and producer [[Kuda Musasiwa | Begottensun]].
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  • ...famous band called [[Wagon Wheels]] that being his official entry into the Zimbabwean music industry. Mapfumo, however, denied this saying, me and asked if he could record the music and I said you can go on and record it. It came out beautifully and everybody liked it, and I also thought it w
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  • '''Olinda Chapel''' is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, social media personality and former wife of [[Zim Hip Hop]] r ..."Bho" which was accompanied by a video featuring [[Ex-Q]], [[Stunner]] and producer [[Kuda Musasiwa | Begottensun]].
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  • '''Stunner''' (real name Desmond Chideme) is a Zimbabwean [[Zim Hip Hop]] artist based in Harare. He is one of the pioneers of the [[ ...n music hits with hits such as "Team Hombe" and, "Dhafu Korera". He owns a Record label called "Tazoita Ca$h Records", which has signed artists such as Shast
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