Speciss College

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Speciss College
Speciss College Logo
Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Chitungwiza, Highfield, Bulawayo.
Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe, P.O Box CY 407, Causeway, Harare
TypePrivate Academic College
Educational authorityMinistry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
PrincipalEng. Tafadzwa Mudondo
Medium of languageEnglish
CampusHerbert Chitepo Avenue, Harare (Close to Corner Herbert Chitepo and Prince Edward Street)
Contact details:
Tel: +263 (4) 705853
Cel: +263 712 870 894
Email: hrepoly@hrepoly.ac.zw

Speciss College is one of Zimbabwe's largest private Zimbabwe's largest private colleges. It has Campuses in Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo and Highfields. It offers professional studies as well as O' Level and A Level academic studies.

Institutional History

The institution has been around 45 years.

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Speciss Chitepo Campus

The Chitepo Campus is the biggest of the Speciss College Campuses. It is located in Harare's CBD at corner Herbert Chitepo and 3rd Street.

Speciss High School

'Please see: Speciss College High School ]

The High School offers full time and part time. Speciss has science laboratories (for physics, chemistry and biology).

Remedial School

The remedial services are for those that need to get another subject to add to their “O” or “A” level certificate, or those that want to cover the 2-year syllabus in one year. Classes are run in the afternoons during the term time, for students in primary school and high school, in which various topics are covered. The Chitepo campus also offers Holiday Revision and Remedial classes.

Public Examinations

The Chitepo Campus is an accredited examination centre for both Zimsec and Cambridge. The center is also available to those that are not Speciss students.

Business and Professional Courses

Please see: Speciss College Courses Offered

Academic Departments

Speciss College Lab


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